#29 Fullmoon Ancestry guest at ETN Podcast UNDERTOW

Podcast #29 Fullmoon Ancestry guest at ETN Podcast UNDERTOW


As the weather changes and days become gloomy and rainy, its time to kick back, sit down and relax. And that's what ETN podcast host Ivan Bilokapic and Fullmoon Ancestry did.



ETN Chairman Dan Eriksson and Ivan Bilokapic had the pleasure of being guests at the Fullmoon Ancestry podcast where they presented the ideas and motives of Europa Terra Nostra. The favour was returned, and the dissident, wanderer, blogger and Europe lover Fullmoon Ancestry accepted the invite of being a guest himself on UNDERTOW.


What does heavy metal represent today, and what role does it play in the struggle for European survival? Does travelling envoke the wanderer spirit in us all and is the destination more important than the journey?


Does learning languages bind us to our shared, European roots and makes us appreciate the immense cultural treasures of European civilization?


Conversations about literature, movies as well as personal background stories are also part of the conversation between these two sons of Europa. Tune in and find out more!


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