#29 Fullmoon Ancestry guest at ETN Podcast UNDERTOW

#31 Eurasian Ideas & Solutions to the European Question


The latest episode of the Undertow podcast was touched by the holiday spirit, and in such a manner that podcast host Ivan Bilokapic (Croatia) was delighted to invite Alexander Markovics (Austria) for a one-on-one discussion about various topics which capture the imagination and attention of every dissident thinker in contemporary Europe and North America.


Markovics is an author, one of the founding members of Generation Identity in Austria, a profound public speaker, member of the Suworow Institute and specialist when it comes to the philosophy of Aleksandr Dugin and geo-political projects, such as the concept of a political Eurasia.



In this episode of Undertow, Markovics presents his new book Der Aufstieg der Neuen Rechten (The Rise of the New Right), its content, and upcoming English translation.


Together with Markovics, one of the first topics for this episode include the philosophy of the New Right, as well as its proper meaning and context, opposed to the simplified and false representation of the New Right by the mainstream media. Later in the podcast, Markovics explains the geo-political and spiritual dimensions of Aleksandr Dugin and his work. We also reflect on the US election and its effect on Europe and the wider world.


As always, tune in to find out more!


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