A Call for European Unity in Copenhagen


On the weekend of the 18th – 20th September, a delegation of four representatives from Europa Terra Nostra visited Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. They were invited by members and supporters of ETN to explore the beautiful city. Europa Terra Nostra Chairman Dan Eriksson was also invited to speak at a dinner event with 50 participants in attendance.



On Friday the 18th, the ETN delegation walked through the streets of Copenhagen, guided by a local member, who showed the group some of the most fascinating sights that the city had to offer, including the world-famous Little Mermaid statue. The experience of walking the streets of Copenhagen is made all the more unique with the city’s beautiful classical architecture, as well as the presence of several waterways meandering through parts of the city.


Following the sight-seeing experience, it was time for the dinner event, and the ETN delegation had the pleasure to personally welcome a handful of new members. What’s more, ETN Chairman Dan Eriksson personally presented these new members with their own membership cards. In his speech, Dan not only spoke of the historical struggles between his native country of Sweden and Denmark, but he also spoke of the great lengths that the two nations went to in order to forge strong cultural ties with one another, for the sake of a lasting peace between the two nations today. Today, Sweden and Denmark are more connected than ever, thanks to the Öresund Bridge connecting the two countries. However, although the two are now connected for travel, they still remain two distinct nations, with mutual respect for one another's cultural differences.




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The nature of Sweden and Denmark’s peace between one another is but one example for other European nations with histories of neighbourly conflict to take inspiration from, stated Dan. The ETN chairman had also stressed the importance of mutual co-operation between nationalists across Europe.


At the event, the ETN delegation also had the opportunity to speak to a number of Danish nationalists from various organisations and parties. All in all, it was a very exciting and inspirational weekend, and served as but one stepping stone in the foundation for a bright future ahead for Europa Terra Nostra, as well as the organisation’s presence in Denmark.




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