The members of Europa Terra Nostra are drawn from all over Europe; we also welcome members in the USA, Australia, South Africa and other nations built by Europeans. All share a love for the heritage and cultures of the nations of Europe, and a determination to help our people to resist and overcome the challenges and grave dangers we face as a result of the treachery of the liberal elite and the hostility of powerful enemies. Europa Terra Nostra is an organisational network for all identitarian nationalists of European descent wherever they live.

An essential characteristic trait of Europa Terra Nostra is, despite the party background of some members, its party-political independence. Basically, an ETN-membership is not linked to any party-political membership or a party membership at all. Moreover, we see ourselves explicitly as a networking platform above party lines. Europa Terra Nostra can be joined by everyone sharing its purpose regardless of whether one is affiliated to a political party or not. Let´s start to connect and unite decent nationalists due to where they want to go and not from where they come.

Europa Terra Nostra is a not-for-profit association constituted under and governed by Swedish law. The ETN’s current Board consists of Dan Eriksson (Chairman, Sweden), Sascha Roßmüller (Vice Chairman, Germany) and Stefan Brakus (Serbia).

Our Symbol

Europa Terra Nostra‘s logo (word-image-brand) is closely linked with the symbol of the phoenix, the mythical bird from Ancient Greece that burns itself to death in order to arise once again from its own ashes.

The phoenix is a truly archetypal image and is deeply fitting for our times and our struggle. Europe must arise again in this way, what appears already to have been destroyed must and will be reborn, in brilliant new splendour.

Words associated with the mysterious bird in the flames are mystic; powerful; aesthetic; indestructible; heroic; female and male.