About Alexander


Alexander Markovics was born in Austria on May 9, 1991. He is Secretary General of the Vienna-based Suvorov Institute, which is dedicated to foster an understanding between Austria and Russia, as well as the dissemination and popularization of the Fourth Political Theory, and the European New Right.


His main research interests are the emerging multipolar world, the European New Right and the Fourth Political Theory. In view of the advancing Americanization and liberalization, it is his goal to help regain the epistemological sovereignty of Europe and to make his contribution to the decolonization of Europe from the (post-) modern age, as well as the rediscovery of its tradition. Originally a leader and co-founder of the Identitarian Movement in Austria, he left the movement after it turned to transatlantism and right-wing liberalism. Since then he has worked as an author and translator of texts from English into German.


He is a regular author of the “Deutsche Stimme” (German Voice) magazine, in which he writes the column “Einspruch” (Objection). Alexander has also written articles on geopolitical and metapolitical topics for a number of blogs and magazines in German-speaking countries. In June 2020, his book “Der Aufstieg der Neuen Rechten” (The Rise of the New Right) was published in German by Arcadi.










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