About Fullmoon Ancestry


Growing up in the USA, Fullmoon Ancestry had always struggled with the concepts of equality, tolerance, diversity and inclusion. Even as a young boy, Fullmoon slowly realized that these concepts were only aimed at preventing White Americans (of European descent) from having a positive identity, a strong in-group preference and standing up for themselves. As his schools and neighbourhood became increasingly racially diverse, Fullmoon found solace and refuge in heavy metal music.


Whether it was translating song lyrics or writing his own songs, heavy metal became a gateway for Fullmoon into embracing European languages, history and culture. After finishing school, Fullmoon moved to Scandinavia and eventually worked and travelled with many of the bands that he grew up listening to. Unfortunately, he also started to notice that the same anti-White propaganda from the USA was slowly creeping into Europe.


Fullmoon eventually relocated to Eastern Europe, where he started attending nationalist events and conferences. Along with meeting some of his favourite content creators, Fullmoon also got to meet with fellow nationalists around the world who also shared his interests, concerns and hopes for the future. After writing numerous articles online about his experiences, Fullmoon decided to host an online show where he interviews many of the nationalists, activists and content creators that inspired him. After a year of hosting weekly live streams and interviews, Fullmoon was honoured to help take part in Europa Terra Nostra’s new weekly live stream events, which are held every Wednesday at 8:00pm (20:00) CET.


Even after an already-exciting life of music, writing and traveling, nothing is more exciting for Fullmoon Ancestry than working with Europa Terra Nostra in promoting ethnic sovereignty and White European solidarity.


Here is also an archive link to a page with over 65 of Fullmoon Ancestry’s own articles:




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