About Ivan


Vice Chairman Ivan Bilokapic was born in Croatia on August 7th 1986. He studied economics in Croatia and gone on to work abroad, making extensive political connections along the way.


Although he has never been a member of any political party, his world views and interests have always been patriotic and nationalist. He has written and published articles for a string of German, Croatian and American nationalist websites and magazines. He joined Europa Terra Nostra in 2017 when he was elected as a board member. Since then, Ivan has given speeches at various conferences and seminars all over Europe, representing Europa Terra Nostra and the idea of a united pan-European nationalist movement.


Since 2020 Ivan was elected as vice-chairman of Europa Terra Nostra. He also hosts the official podcast of the ETN - interviewing well known individuals and members of different European nationalist movements and organisations.


In his early youth, Ivan witnessed the war that erupted in former Yugoslavia. That experience motivated him even more in working toward reconciliation, cooperation and partnership between nationalists who still have open problems and unanswered questions from the past (Croats and Serbs, Hungarians and Romanians, Poles and Germans, Ukrainians and Russians, etc).


Ivan is now studying International Business Administration and has dedicated himself to literary work, which he will publish in the future.


Interview with Ivan Bilokapic

“It is time to elevate our national consciousness to a broader European and civilizational level.”



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