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Europa Terra Nostra Vice-Chairman Sascha Rossmüller recently sat down for a conversation with Tim Murdock – a.k.a. Horus the Avenger – from White Rabbit Radio. Murdock was „brought into the business“ by one Bob Whitaker, who died in 2017 and was the man who coined the phrase, „Anti-racist is a code[word] for anti-white“. Whitaker was an economics professor and was also US President Ronald Reagan‘s appointee to the Office of Personnel Management. White Rabbit Radio was officially launched in late 2010/early 2011. Since then, the website has served as a hub for podcasts and animations. Videos and podcasts continue to be produced on a weekly basis.

ETN: Tim Murdock, you are an American citizen, which is why you have much more insight into US politics than we do here in Germany. There is one particular question of first-hand interest – how likely is a change in the White House in 2024 and to what extent is the candidacy race of Donald Trump vs. Ron DeSantis of relevance in that regard?

Tim Murdock: I am actually from the Midwest and grew up in Michigan. Donald Trump should be able to win the Republican nomination as of right now. Historically, he is tough to beat on the campaign trail, but anything can happen to turn this election one way or another. This goes for Democrats and Republicans. America is currently engaged in so many different geopolitical dramas, from Ukraine to China. Plus, you never know when the Middle-East is going to flare up in a big way. This will be an interesting election because there is so much going on outside of the USA that could actually affect the election. War is always full of surprises. As of right this minute, I don’t see the Republicans winning against the Democrats. The Democrats rally and appeal to their „multicultural base“. The Republican base is white, and the Republicans never, ever appeal to their base. Trump did so in words, but he did not deliver anything of substance to white America. I expect all the Republicans to sound like white nationalists campaigning, but people have become cynical because the Republicans never, ever deliver for their base. But we will see what surprises turn up. In regards to DeSantis vs. Trump, the spotlight will be on the jabs/vaccine. Trump supported the vaccine, DeSantis did not enforce lockdowns, etc. I would not say DeSantis was against vaccines per se, but DeSantis did sign a raft of anti-vaccine mandate bills. This was to ensure employers could not mandate people get jabbed in Florida. If DeSantis wins anything, it will be painting Trump into the corner over the jabs, and Trump is vulnerable on the vaccine issue. The vaccines continue to be a politically volatile issue in America. Trump‘s base was totally opposed to vaccine mandates. DeSantis is way ahead on this issue at the moment.

ETN: Here in Europe, the established media often reports on the so-called MAGA movement as not just something of massive influence within the Republican Party, but further still as a far-right extremist movement. Can you give us an accurate picture of how this ominous MAGA movement can be classified realistically?

Tim Murdock: Make America Great Again – or MAGA – was Donald Trump‘s mantra, and this served him well in the first campaign. The MAGA movement has been called all kinds of nasty names. In reality, it was just a Trump brand of American patriotism. Sure, you have the wild conspiracy elements, like the infamous Qanon, but in reality, MAGA are just mostly white American Trump supporters. Of course, anything white in America is immediately labeled „extremist“. If these elements were really as ominous as the Democrats made them out to be, Trump would be President for life and they [the Republicans] would have taken over the capital permanently. But the Democrats and the establishment need an enemy. They will continue to promote any white movement as extremist, no matter how benign.

ETN: Quite recently in Congress, we witnessed the historical voting marathon concerning Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. According to the author and journalist Lionel Shriver in the British Spectator, it is mooted that one condition rebel Republicans put forward on finally voting in Kevin McCarthy was a cap on funding for the war in Ukraine. Do you consider that to be true? What is your interpretation of this unusual parliamentarian operation?

Tim Murdock: I am actually not up-to-date on all the intrigue surrounding the McCarthy voting ordeal. There are so many factions and sub-factions among the American elite who appear to be currently in disagreement/conflict. For me, it is hard to tell the whole truth of the matter. The war in Ukraine and the funding is very unpopular with the American people, especially with white America. But, like I said, the Republicans rarely do anything their base wants them to do, and this angers some Republicans. They cannot win if their base does not show up and vote for them, and they cannot get the votes unless they look like they are doing something for their base. Kevin McCarthy is a liberal Californian Republican, to say the least. In my opinion, that is one of the reasons for all the issues and intrigue surrounding him and voting. Many Republicans knew the base would not be excited over him.

ETN: As in Europe, the US suffers from inflation and has to face supply problems regarding some goods. Moreover, I have heard that a surge in crime is inflicting not just economic losses, but further troubles. How is the criminogenic situation in the United States, and of what relevance are the District Attornies and/or the influence of financially strong lobbies – i.e. George Soros – regarding their appointment?

Tim Murdock: Inflation in America is out of control, and that will be another big election issue for both parties. When it comes to District Attorneys and prosecution and appointments, this has been political for some time, and, of course, they are all very liberal and all very anti-white. Soros has gotten involved so much so that headlines in the New York Post, of all places, read How George Soros Funded Progressive „Legal Arsonists‘“ DA’s Behind the Current US Crime Surge. That is an exact headline in the New York Post from December 16th 2021, and that should tell the reader a lot about the state of things, and it is no secret who is behind things currently.

ETN: In Europe, it is often said that when America coughs, we get the flu. In fact, it is the same not just economically, but also in terms of the excesses of Cultural Bolshevik social transformation. How far has transgenderism „metastasised“ – not least under the influence of Secretary of State Rachel Levin – within US institutions and society?

Tim Murdock: When I first started podcasting in 2009, the only place you would hear anything about transgenderism is in the movies like The Silence of the Lambs. This type of thing was non-existent. Over the last few years, it is everywhere, seemingly all of a sudden. The number of transgenders is still infinitesimal, but there is an attempt to shove it into every grade school in the country. The American people across the board are outraged, of course, and there is an attempt to push back against it even from some elements at the top. We will have to see what happens, but it is very, very destabilising, for obvious reasons. You cannot have a world-leading military – much less a functioning country – with these types of subversive movements, and it even appears that a section of our elites realise that. But is it too late?

ETN: Since the days of Donald Trump in the Presidency, the border wall is still an issue. After the election in 2020, Kamala Harris was designated the responsibility of taking care of immigration. Can you describe to our readers the US immigration scenario and how the authorities encounter the border crossings?

Tim Murdock: The border of America is out of control and it has been for quite some time. I have seen no change of late. Who even knows how many illegals are in America? It is an endless charade of illegals crossing the border and living in America indefinitely. Authorities are putting the illegals on buses and planes to shift them around America. This has been the game of late. Washington could crack down, but we have never seen them crack down on illegal aliens much in decades. But this current rate of illegals border-jumping and the chaos are very unsustainable, in my opinion.

ETN: Speaking of Washington, the so-called Deep State is often spoken of. How would you describe that widely anonymous network of background powers/influencers who pull the strings?

Tim Murdock: The Deep State is a collection of networks in the various different agencies of the US Government and the Military Industrial Complex. These people do not change from election to election. They set the agenda. The challenge of late is that many factions appear to be hostile toward one another. They can rally around certain issues like the Ukraine War, but there appear to be many cracks and disagreements between the factions. The Russians have said on the record that „America is not agreement-capable“, meaning that no sooner than you have a deal with one faction, another faction comes along and overturns it. Very chaotic and destabilizing.

ETN: Last, but not least, maybe a bit of a provocative question – all the aforementioned developments and political flaws contribute to massive societal polarisation. This therefore raises the question of whether we see, more or less, the United States of America signalling to certain federal states that maybe it is time to think about secession.

Tim Murdock: As the chaos ensues in America, many states have started „going their own way“. In regards to all the hot button issues, from COVID, to transgenderism, to immigration, states are deciding and are pursuing what the local voters are demanding. Now, these are mostly „Red States“, which is code for Republican states, which is really code for white America. I would expect this trend to continue. Washington would not let a single state go without a fight. If they did agree to break up America, it would be simply a short-term move to divide up white America. This would be done to make it easier to push the North American Union – joining America, Canada and Mexico into some kind of new European Union-like deal. But I don’t want to get too conspiratorial for your readers. A lot can go wrong when you start breaking up countries, especially one as big as America. In closing, I appreciate being able to address a German [and international] audience. In reading my answers to the questions, the readers may think I am pessimistic, but actually, there are more Americans awake and aware to our issues right now [more] than ever, and many are ready for dramatic change. As we have seen from American history, change can happen in an instant.

ETN: Tim, many thanks for this interesting conversation!

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