„The Deep State“: An Interview with Author & Vlogger Elizabeth Grace, a.k.a. Really Graceful

Europa Terra Nostra Vice-Chairman Sascha Rossmuller (Germany) recently sat down for yet another interview, this time to talk with the American author and vlogger Elizabeth Grace, also known by her YouTube channel name of Really Graceful. In March of this year, Elizabeth published a 440-page book, in which she uncovers the hidden webs of power … Read more

Nationalist Peace Politics: A Discussion for All European Nationalists, by ETN Vice-Chairman Sascha Rossmuller (Germany)

As soon as conflicts break out – especially so when they are military in nature – confrontational narratives develop or harden. Propaganda substitutes discourse and each side demands a stalwart stance, not mediation. All too often, people are confused with their respective governments and the necessary distance to the responsible executives and legislatures are lost. … Read more

Mayor of London Faces Backlash for Suggesting That White Families “Don’t Represent Real Londoners”

It is no secret that the current Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan – who is of Pakistani heritage – has proven to be an extremely controversial figure throughout his tenure as Mayor, not least due to his views on culture and diversity (which strongly favour multiculturalism over homogeneity), but his most recent controversy has even … Read more

Alternative for Germany Politician Severely Beaten in Organised Migrant Attack

In our second article of the week covering the right-wing Alternative for Germany party, following the German Government’s admission that it is debating banning the AfD, a leading AfD member in Bavaria was brutally assaulted and beaten by a group of migrants in what seemed to be an organised act of violence against him. On … Read more

BOOK REVIEW: ‘This Dark Business: The Secret War Against Napoleon’ by Tim Clayton

While I have read numerous books about the French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte and the Europe of his time, This Dark Business is the first book that I have read that covers the underground world of espionage, assassination and intrigue between the years 1789 and 1804 – the beginning of the French Revolution and the crowning … Read more

Interview: José Alberto Niño

Europa Terra Nostra Vice-Chairman Sascha Rossmüller recently sat down with freelance journalist and Latin American correspondent of The Political Cesspool José Alberto Niño for what proved to be a highly interesting interview. José Niño is a freelance writer and political activist, and his personal interests include history, economics and politics. On LinkedIn, he unabashedly claims … Read more

French President Emmanuel Macron Threatens Niger Over “French Interests”

Following the military coup against the Government of Niger between the 26th – 28th July, President of France Emmanuel Macron made a statement that the French Government will respond “immediately” to any act of violence by the Armed Forces of Niger against so-called “French interests”. According to Macron – to quote him directly – France … Read more