Be Aware of Islamic Arrogance! Redesignation of Hagia Sophia is a cultural sin!


There is no reason to tolerate any Islamic cultural influence within the Occidental world, least of all if seeing Islamic intolerant hegemonic behaviour. A current example of Islamic arrogance is to rededicate the famous Hagia Sophia – the epitome of Byzantine architecture – from a museum to a mosque. Nearly twice as long as it served as a mosque, this architectural crown jewel has been a Christian Byzantine cathedral.


Hagia Sophia


It´s status as a museum at best lives up with the different religious sentiments as well as the protection as a historical memory of the Byzantine empire. Regarding the religious aniconism in Islam, there is to fear that precious frescoes and mosaics will be hidden behind curtains in future. However, neither ancient artefacts nor women should be veiled in an enlightened civilisation. - Europeans should remember Erdogan`s decision when he next time will make claims in European nation-states regarding Turkish immigrants!


Protect Tradition and Heritage – Join Europa Terra Nostra, the Spearhead of Occidental Values!

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