Steven Universe & the Promotion of LGBT & Black Lives Matter Ideology Through Children’s TV


Growing up as children, wherever it is that you hail from in the world, we all had our favourite cartoon and family shows on television. Many cartoons and family shows are held in such high regard in the societies that we grew up in, such shows have since become culturally iconic in our respective nations. The Finns and the Swedes had Moomin, the Serbs had Laku Noc, Deco (Goodnight, Kids), the British had The Clangers, etc. We were all exposed, in one way or another, to the wholesome and innocent nature of children’s television, whether as a child ourselves or as parents, sitting in front of the television as a family. Fast forward to 2020, and, of course, it is evident that not even children’s media – much like most other forms of media in the 21st century – is safe from the ever-growing presence of LGBT and Black Lives Matter ideology and propaganda.



Elon Musk: “We Will Coup Whoever We Want”


With a fortune of $139 billion, the South African-born billionaire Elon Musk is the second richest man on Earth. In the Western media, Musk enjoys his role as an eccentric inventor. His futuristic entrepreneurial spirit is regarded as a symbol for a strong form of capitalism that is characteristic of the Californian Silicon Valley, which itself is constantly pushing the limits of modern-day capitalism and technological futurism. His electric cars manufactured by Tesla are have also been regarded as the future of transportation. However, when Musk admitted on the 22nd June last year that he was personally involved in the putsch against the elected President of Bolivia, his public image was significantly.



Taking the Dissolution of the Soviet Union as a Model


Radio broadcaster James Edwards on the situation in the USA. Following the Presidential Election in the United States, many questions have arisen over the future of the country, especially with regards to its role as a world power. US President-elect Joe Biden has already announced that the USA is once again ready to "lead the world".



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