Nationalist “Car Rally” Protest in Brussels Makes Waves


On Sunday, 27th September, Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, witnessed one of the biggest nationalist rallies in its modern history. At the call of the Flemish radical nationalist party Vlaams Belang, more than 5,000 drivers used their cars to form impressive columns, travelling towards Brussels, causing significant traffic on the way.  Between 10,000 and 15,000 Flemish nationalists attended a mass meeting at the Heizel Plateau, near the Atomium. Footage of the massive crowd of thousands of Flemish nationalists, waving the regional flag of Flanders, makes for an impressive spectacle.



Successful Community Day for Young German Nationalists


The Junge Nationalisten (Eng.: Young Nationalists) is the largest nationalist youth organisation in Germany, acting in accordance to three core organisational values – education, activism and community. In addition to fostering a sense of fellowship within local branches, the JN also hold an annual event called Community Day.



Patriotic Computer Game Heimat Defender Rebellion Opens up a New Front


The German patriotic network Ein Prozent ("One Percent") are known for their creativity and professionalism when it comes to video production and actions. With their latest project, together with developers Kvltgames, they've opened up a whole new front, namely the computer game industry.




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