The G20 Summit in Rome: Nothing New in the West


The Central Committee of Leading Industrial Nations Announces 30-Year Plan


The G20 is the name of an informal association of 19 states and the European Union that has existed since 1999, and essentially represents the leading industrialised nations and emerging countries of the world in this respect. The presidency is held for one year on a rotating basis by one of the member states in whose country the respective summit meeting is also organised. It is not uncommon for these meetings to be accompanied by riots in the streets of the respective host city, prevented only by massive security precautions in advance.



Roberto Fiore – Political Prisoner


A full update from Nick Griffin, Vice President of the Alliance for Peace and Freedom


“The outcome of the Italian events concerns the whole of Europe and the rest of the world. We are the pilot country in the Great Reset plans, if it passes here the Italian model will be imposed on you all. Italy is the front line for the whole of Europe.”


These are the words of Professor Giuseppe Provenzale, spokesman of the Forza Nuova management team and previous deputy national secretary of the party. He is closely involved with the legal battle to free the Christian patriots thrown into prison in Italy in order to prevent gigantic protests against the ‘green pass’ tyranny of the ClotShot regime during the G20 summit in Rome last weekend.



Identitarian Currents in Latin America


When German scholar Alexander von Humboldt began his extensive travels throughout Latin America in 1799, no one had any idea at the time that he would significantly contribute to the later European enthusiasm for the culture of Central and South America – and, surprisingly, not for its natural resources.



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