Forza Nuova’s Anti-Green Pass Demonstration


On Sunday, 10th October, 12 members of the Italian nationalist party Forza Nuova were arrested following violent clashes between protestors and the police. On the previous day, on Saturday, 9th October, reportedly over 10,000 Italians gathered in Rome to protest against continued government restrictions and some anti-COVID measures – specifically the implementation of “green passes”, which are effectively any form of documented proof that an individual has been double-vaccinated against COVID-19. Failure to present said documented proof will result in the individual not being allowed to enter a certain establishment, such as a restaurant, bar, music venue, etc.



Poland Declares That Polish National Law is Above EU Law


Poland’s Legal Defiance Against Brussels


In the latest round of clashes between Poland and the European Union, Polish judges officially declared that the country’s own laws – as outlined by its constitution – supersede EU laws, thereby emphasising that the national Polish rule of law takes precedence over any laws that the EU passes which could potentially affect Poland in turn. The declaration follows the findings by a Polish constitutional tribunal that some EU laws directly contradict Polish constitutional laws.



The British are not Running out of fuel, but Brussels is Running out of Arguments


Brexit is NOT the cause of the UK fuel crisis


What a fake message that Brexit has caused Britain a fuel crisis! Either the leading German media are actually lying press of the worst proportions, or at least one should never again speak of quality journalism in connection with them. Rather, the very same problem can hit the EU member states very quickly.



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