Swedish nationalists try to stop the building of a new mosque


In the Swedish city of Karlstad, the capital of Värmland County, Muslims have been trying to build a Mosque for a long time. After years of discussions and protests from local Swedes, the County parliament gave the Muslims a building permit on June 17th.



Fourteen Spanish nationalists on trial - A seven years long legal battle


It seems nothing is sacred to the current institutions of any European country. Not even if free-thinking patriots rise against separatism and raise their voices to uphold national unity, against those who wish to disrupt it. The famous "Blanquerna case" is one of the judicial processes in Spain that came into focus for the evident persecution of the Spanish justice system against fourteen patriotic defendants. The Blanquerna Case took place in 2013 at the headquarters of the Catalan Independence Movement in Madrid, at the Blanquerna Cultural Center.


On September 11, 2013, the separatists organized a meeting in Blanquerna, which was attended by several national deputies of the Catalan and Basque Independence Movement. The separatist meeting was disrupted by counter-protesters including Pedro Chaparro, the current leader of Democracia Nacional and Manuel Andrino Lobo (La Falange), to interrupt the event according to the resounding motto "Catalonia is Spain - don`t deceive us!"


Blanquerna March


Black Lives Matter: Hypocrisy, Left-Wing Agenda and Destruction


Black Lives Matter doesn´t primarily care about police violence that is hallucinated about in many cases - it´s rather a vehicle to spread a hard left-wing-anarchist agenda. Furthermore, it is, as ETN has already reported, a by establishment-sources well-funded agenda.


BLM is no more than a self-righteousness, hypocritical movement aiming to disrupt the traditional nuclear family structure, to reject law-based social order and to install transgender insanities. As an example for BLM-hypocrisy, BLM didn´t find any words for the nine children who’ve died by black-on-black gun violence in the city of Chicago since June 20th. Moreover, why doesn´t BLM accuse the abortion industry as the most lethal, racist institution given that the abortion rate of blacks is 3.6 times the rate of whites in the United States? Very simple, because it´s all about left-wing social transformation.


Black Lives Matter March


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