European Patriots in Hungary started organising and networking


A Hungarian patriotic movement with explicitly European-nationalist leaning was launched on 18th of June, a historic anniversary date regarding reconquering the capital city of Hungary from the Muslims by starting the successful siege of the Turkish occupied Buda Castle on this day in 1686.



Serbia: Wrath of the people


The year 2020 is already set to be remembered for a lot of negative things, but surely the primary association with it will be the Corona outbreak. The Serbs in particularly will look at 2020 all for the negative reasons—the massive influx of migrants who are stranded in Serbia. Neighbouring countries like Croatia and Hungary, both members of the EU shut their borders, and Serbia became an international hotspot for thousands of migrants.


The crime rates in peaceful small towns in northern Serbia and a safe city like Belgrade skyrocketed while gangs of foreign men harras the local Serbs, steal and damage their property, attack people in the streets while having an apologetic government which refuses to punish the perpetrators. The Serbian government is ready to ignore and forgive everything for the accession into the EU, which has become the political agenda and obsession of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.


Serbian Parliament

Belgrade Parliament Building, Serbia


Free Speech-Danger Zone Social Media? De-Platforming Goes On!


Dissidents to the left-wing mainstream get increasingly muzzled. Again YouTube executed an attack on free speech by banning several channels.



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