Reforming the EU: An Unlikelihood Akin to Influencing Climate Change


The civic-populist right in Europe never really became an integral part of the EU, which should not be held against it; however, it´s to criticise that it was also never able to form an effective united front against it. Despite some essential points of agreement, the differences have almost always prevailed with time – differences which could not even be put aside for a time for the sake of a joint working platform between right-wing parties. Hungary’s Viktor Orban is currently attempting to forge an alliance, but, once again, it is clear that there is a lack of a common vision of Europe between the civic-populist right within the EU. The German Alternative for Germany (AFD) has been left out of the proposed new project.



The Europa Terra Nostra Fellowship Weekend in Germany


After over a year-and-a-half of travel restrictions and numerous other obstacles as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the German members of Europa Terra Nostra finally met one another in person in Saxon Switzerland, Germany on the weekend of the 24th – 25th July 2021.



A New Finland

An Interview with Tuukka Kuru of the Blue-Black Movement


Europa Terra Nostra author Sascha Roßmüller recently conducted an interview with Tuukka Kuru, leader of a new Finnish nationalist party called the Blue-Black Movement (Sinimusta Liike) – the name for which derives from the Finnish inter-war era anti-communist organization.



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