The Plutocratic Summit of Big Tech Oligarchs


Pure Hypocrisy: The Armada of Private Jets & Climate Activism


As the old saying goes, "Money makes the world go round". The present has taught us that the political powers of the executive, legislative and judiciary have been joined by the media, which – thinking little of the separation of powers – immediately set about usurping leadership. Transparency is, of course, disruptive, and media plurality has been largely pretended to the outside world.



PODCAST #37 Observing Europe Through American Eyes


Sometimes the best insights are given by outsiders. This is particularly true when it comes to the guest of this week's Undertow podcast. John Morgan is the former editor at Arktos Publishing and is currently a writer for Counter-Currents. On the podcast, he talks about the political and social climate in Hungary (where he currently resides), how Jobbik transformed itself into an anti-Orban party that is closely aligned with the anti-nationalist coalition, and the upcoming elections in Hungary next year, when the Hungarian people will decide if they wish to remain a beacon of sovereignty in Europe or dance to the tunes of Brussels.



Patriotic Alternative (UK) & the Indigenous People’s Day Initiative


In the United States, the Commonwealth of Nations and several other countries worldwide, celebrations for the nations’ respective indigenous populations are held on an annual basis, encouraging non-indigenous citizens to recognise the importance of native cultures, traditions and the people who represent them. In this day and age, where issues and controversial debate surrounding the concepts of ethnicity have emerged at the expense of the indigenous White populations of Europe, there is more reason than ever for a European version of an Indigenous Day. In the UK, nationalist organisation Patriotic Alternative (PA) have sought to bring forward such a celebration, but for the native peoples of the British Isles.



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