Bill Gates & Jeffrey Epstein: A Monstrous Friendship


A 15-year-old girl is sexually abused by a paedophile millionaire and desperately tries to escape by swimming from his private island. But her attempts at escape are in vain. She gets caught and raped again. Her fate is no single case, but is the bitter reality of more than 100 women. The name of her tormentor is Jeffrey Epstein.



The French Regional Elections 2021


This weekend saw the close of the last round of France's regional and departmental elections. Both regions and departments have their own respective council, charged with the local management of culture, education, social actions, transportation and general planning. Having a bigger size and budget, regions tend to focus on the big picture, such as investment in road building, while departments would deal with maintenance. Other scope divisions are more arbitrary, such as the former overseeing high schools and the latter overseeing secondary schools.



PODCAST #36 - The Migration Myth


Immigration from non-Western countries is the biggest problem for Europe. The globalists on the left and right constantly repeat the same fallacies as to why we need more immigrants. They create a fiction instead of facing reality when it comes to crime. In fact, when it comes to crime, they try to obscure the truth in Orwellian fashion as much as they can – they simply make it impossible to find out the real factual truth.



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