VIDEO: Swedish Nationalists Training for Tougher Times Ahead


Being a part of a nationalist cause is not always just about political studies, campaigning and debating. Just as important is the will to self-improvement, to always seek out new ways of bettering yourself in all ways possible.


Swedens largest nationalist organization, Det fria Sverige, wants to help their members taking this step by regularly organizing physical training sessions. That is not only good for your health, and when training includes martial arts also to improve for your possibility to defend yourself and your loved ones, but it also fosters comradeship and community.


DFS Training


Unborn Lives Matter – Slovakian Nationalists (ĽSNS) Fight Against Abortion


Nationalists of the Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko (ĽSNS) fought against abortion in the parliament and could achieve at least a little partial success regarding Slovakian family policies. In Slovakia as well as in many European countries are applied harsh laws that allow abortions without giving any reasons. „Obtaining official permission to kill your unborn child is even easier than obtaining formal approval to fell a tree in your garden“, Milan Uhrik MEP, vice chairman of ĽSNS, condemns the legal situation.


The liberalist regime continues a deadly tradition of communist times. Since the beginning of the Bolshevik Abortion Act, up to 1.26 million unborn children have been aborted – i.e. killed - in the Slovak Republic alone, which is almost a quarter of the entire Slovak people. Given the demographic situation of an ageing European population, it´s a catastrophe when abortion clinics are full of European women while maternity wards are full of immigrants.


Unborn Lives Matter


Geopolitics and Migration: The Election in Syria and its Significance for Europe


Syria is not only of relevance for Europe due to the mythological aspect of the Syrian/Phoenician princess who gave her name to the continent, but moreover, because of hard facts regarding geopolitical developments, the fight against IS-terrorism and migration flows of this region.


On 19th of July, the third elections of the Syrian People´s Assembly were held since the beginning of the war in 2011. Although more than 2,000 candidates were running this legislative election, it immediately was derogatorily labelled as a „theatre“ by the West, just because Assad´s Baath party could win the most of the 250-seat parliament. The interpretation of the Western media seems questionable given that the list of the Baath party and its allies gained 177 seats which is regardless of their victory 23 seats less than in 2016.


Result Syria


The Syrian Supreme Judicial Committee for the Elections announcement on live tv.


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