Overcoming Historical Burdens: Young Czech and German Nationalists Commonly Celebrated "Day of Culture"


For more than ten years, the cultural exchange between German and Czech nationalists in the Saxon-Bohemian border area has developed into a permanent institution. On Saturday, July 25th, around 40 members and friends of the Junge Nationalisten (JN) from Germany, the Mladi Nacionaliste (MN) and the Delnicka Mladez (DM) from the Czech Republic hiked an enjoyable ten kilometers at the so-called Saxon-Bohemian Culture Day along the Czechoslovak Wall.


ETN-activists defends national monuments in Germany


In the wake of the massive "Black Lives Matter"-riots, national monuments and street names in several countries has faced criticism and even vandalism. Once again, the enemies of a Europe of Fatherlands, has shown that they are prepared to use all means to combat any emotional and natural attachment that people has to their respective nations. This calls for European nationalists to act!


In Germany, mid-July, several monuments and street names has been vandalized with graffiti containing left wing slogans. One of the vandalized monuments is the statue of Otto von Bismarck in the heart of Berlin. Being one of the most dazzling personalities in the German history, Bismarck is considered a national hero and was appointed as the first German Chancellor in 1871.


Bismarck Monument


The Anti-White Establishment and What We Have to Do


Following the Black Lives Matter movement, which originated in the US but quickly spread to western Europe, you ought to believe that it's a pro-black or even a pro-justice movement. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The riots, the tearing down of statues and the murdering we see is just a consequence of decades of anti-white politics, culture and media. The rioters are a generation raised with anti-white propaganda in their schools, universities, television sets and their political establishment.

We can seek the roots of this, and prototypes of this kind of movements, hundreds of years back in our history, but the main tipping point came with critical theory, the Frankfurt School and the protests of 1968. Since then, academia has been steeped in anti-white propaganda, which at an increasing speed has tried to rid whites of our identity and turn people of all races against white culture, ideals and civilisation.

Black Lives Matter


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