Our Headquarters are undergoing big improvements


During the last couple of weeks, dozens of volunteer workers have been renovating Svenskarnas hus (House of the Swedes), a facility owned by the Swedish nationalists association Det fria Sverige (Free Sweden) and co-used as Headquarters and event venue for Europa Terra Nostra.


The building, which first opened its doors in March of 2019, houses a large venue hall, a café, a gym, a library, a playroom, a radio studio as well as several office spaces. There is also a large field behind the house, which often is used for large outdoor events and sports.



Svenskarnas Hus


The new renovation is taking care of the outside of the house



Woke-Taliban’s Reign of Terror – White Supremacy-Suspicion becomes more and more absurd!


After two decades as a senior curator at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Gary Garrels – according to Artnet “one of the country’s most prominent curators“ - was forced to resign, because of being suspected of white supremacy. What was his unforgivable malefaction?


Screenshot news.artnet.com


Screenshot news.artnet.com


Fight George Soros – the Lobbyist of Multicultural Replacement Policy


Left-wing multicultural influence of George Soros´s Open Society Foundations continues to increase further. The organisation announced to donate $ 220 million to several groups that focus on so-called „racial justice“.



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