Free Speech-Danger Zone Social Media? De-Platforming Goes On!


Dissidents to the left-wing mainstream get increasingly muzzled. Again YouTube executed an attack on free speech by banning several channels.



Elections in Croatia – Winds of Change


If William Shakespeare was right and life is nothing more but a stage - then we are all actors. And that´s what the Croats did on July 5th. They played their role yet again in the oldest play of political theatre – the parliamentary elections. As the youngest member-state of the European Union, Croatia is a country with barely 4 million inhabitants, a country with a struggling economy and a severe negative, a demographic shift which threatens the stability of the country itself. At the same time, a whole generation of Croatians seek their fortune and opportunities in all the corners of the western world. All the mentioned problems should have been more than enough for the average Croatian citizen to go out and vote.



Be Aware of Islamic Arrogance! Redesignation of Hagia Sophia is a cultural sin!


There is no reason to tolerate any Islamic cultural influence within the Occidental world, least of all if seeing Islamic intolerant hegemonic behaviour. A current example of Islamic arrogance is to rededicate the famous Hagia Sophia – the epitome of Byzantine architecture – from a museum to a mosque. Nearly twice as long as it served as a mosque, this architectural crown jewel has been a Christian Byzantine cathedral.


Hagia Sophia


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