From our Chairman: Welcome to Europa Terra Nostra, we rise again!


Europa Terra Nostra started as an idea and transformed into a foundation in 2015. We wanted to bring nationalists of European descents together, and more specifically, try to bridge over old conflicts and thereby prevent new ones.

As a foundation, we published numerous books, arranged large seminars, and held exciting workshops. We also took nationalists from all over our continent to the European parliament to see how the nationalist MEPs work and gave them a chance to talk to and try to influence the MEPs.

But we always felt that we wanted to do more. Together with our fantastic network of nationalists from more than twenty countries, a new idea took shape; let's transform the foundation to a member-driven association.



Polish Presidential Election: Presentable Result for Nationalist Candidate


The presidential election in Poland will have a second round, after incumbent Andrzej Duda, allied candidate for the Law and Justice party (PiS), fell short of the 50 %. After nearly all of the polling districts had been counted Duda received about 42 % of the votes, followed by Rafał Trzaskowski, the liberal mayor of Warsaw, with nearly 30 %. The former TV-Entertainer Szymon Holownia got 13 % and the by the media as „far-right“ labelled candidate of Konfederacja, Krzysztof Bosak, received more than 7 % of the votes.



Interview with Dan Eriksson: "Networking: Yes - Synchronised Conformity: No!"


For the monthly magazine DEUTSCHE STIMME (DS), Sascha A. Roßmüller conducted an interview with ETN Chairman Dan Eriksson. In this conversation, Dan Eriksson explained the aims of Europa Terra Nostra in more detail and commented on its realignment as a "European national movement".



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