Rest in Peace – French Nationalist Pierre Sidos Passes Away at the Age of 93


On 4th September, French nationalist Pierre Sidos passed away at the age of 93 while in hospital in Bayeux, Normandy. According to his close confidant, and successor as President of the banned L'Œuvre Française movement, Yvan Benedetti, Sidos died with his loved ones by his side. “France has lost one of its best children, and nationalism has lost one of its best soldiers,” was the statement of Bendetti. Despite any and all perceived differences in his methods of promoting nationalism, when compared with the methods of “modern” nationalists, whatever one´s personal stance may be towards Sidos, all – even his opponents – cannot deny that Sidos’ extraordinary life and innumerable activities are worthy of being recognised as truly significant in the modern history of France and French nationalism.


Pierre Sidos



Flemish Nationalists Hold Their Yearly ‘IJzerwake’ Digitally


Every year, at the end of the summer season, Flemish nationalists hold their yearly ‘IJzerwake’ (English: Wake at the River Yzer). The event is held annually to commemorate Flemish soldiers who fought and died in the First and Second World War. The significance of the River Yzer is that it was used by the Belgian Army in 1914 to flood the surrounding fields, in an attempt to halt the German Army’s advances further into Belgian territory.



An Important Video Message: Join the Ranks – Europe Needs YOU!


What are you willing to do, if it is about nothing less than your European homeland? How large of a sacrifice would a change be worth to you?


Before you respond to these questions, please give us a few minutes of your time, for it is about your future. German author and ETN member Sascha Roßmüller has a short message to all people of European descent across the globe, who – both consciously and subconsciously alike – hold that desire to stand up for the preservation of their ethnicities and cultures.



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