Black Lives Matter: Racial Riots and anti-white Hatred / The Influence of Soros


The United States suffers from racial riots, including collective looting orgies in the course of which houndings against whites more and more dominate the agenda - and sparks of this scourge have already spread to Europe. Moreover, this civil war scenario is downplayed as mere „protests“ by the mainstream-rhetoric.



Salvini and Meloni: Populist civic right in Italy confuses a rescue rope with a pitfall!


The failure of the European political establishment provokes fatal reactions and even some right-wing populists like Salvini seem to suffer a lack of a synoptic view and foresight. Matteo Salvini from the Lega Nord and Giorgia Meloni from the Fratelli d'Italia react reflexively only to symptoms and thus slip short-sightedly into a political reasoning which European nationalists have to avoid at all costs, namely to open gaps between the European peoples.




Action speaks louder than words! Síol na hÉireann - The Irish Patriot


Irish nationalists are not only traditionally struggling for a reunification of all 32 counties, moreover they are confronted with numerous existential problems like emigration of Irishmen by simultaneously immigration of third world Africans and Arab muslems as well as economic and social decay caused by anti-patriotic capitalist globalisation.


According to this recognition Niall McConnell originated the Síol na hÉireann-movement as the heirs of the traditions, ideas and hopes of the Irish Revolution. The activities of Niall McConnell and his fellow campaigners give evidence that the Irish Revolution is still in a process.




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