ETN-Delegation on Dresden Memorial March


On February 15th the delegation of Europa Terra Nostra participated in the memorial march in Dresden, marking the 75th anniversary of the infamous Dresden bombing attacks in 1945.


ETN Banner No more Brother`s Wars


“No More Brothers´ Wars” - A British Patriot Remembers Dresden


February is a month full of symbolism for the German people. 75 years ago, between February 13th and 15th 1945, British and American bombers obliterated Dresden in a firestorm. This cultural pearl of Middle Europe vanished overnight. Covered in black smoke and flames, as the screams of women, children and the elderly filled the streets, dying in their thousands.


Meeting 14.02.2020


UNDERTOW /// Podcast #23 Europe contra EU - Let`s Break Away from Brussels


ETN-host Ivan Bilakopic discusses the contents of this book as well as its contemporary relevance with the author Sascha A. Roßmüller.


It´s a conversation that analyzes the current developments regarding globalization, foreign infiltration, economy, and culture, to outline the vision of a restart of occidental Europe based on national sovereignty and identity. The two dialogue partners take also a look at the national scenery. A profound and enlightening conversation about a highly political book giving insight to a nationalist view on the most essential issues of our days.


Blog Post Undertow

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