Muslim Riots in Sweden


Last weekend, the infamous Swedish city of Malmö was once again the site of riots and unrest, incited by members of the local Islamic immigrant population. Hundreds of Muslims had reportedly launched attacks against the Swedish police forces present, all the while screaming Islamist chants and slogans.



11th September: Spanish Nationalists Call Upon Catalonians to Preserve National Unity


In Spain, on the 11th September – coinciding with the Day of Catalonia – Spanish patriots across the nation have been called upon to gather in front of Blanquerna, the Catalan Cultural Centre in Madrid. The choosing of the 11th September – the Day of Catalonia – by Democracia Nacional, La Falange and other Spanish political groups taking part in the event, was not done so in order to incite trouble and division between the people of Catalonia and the rest of the Spanish nation. Instead, the date was chosen in order to provide an opportunity for all sides to come to recognise and come to terms with various historical truths and clarifications, for the sake of healing the many divisions that risk splitting apart the Spanish nation more so than what has occurred in recent years.



Online Meeting for Europa Terra Nostra – Motivation & the Exchange of Ideas


Even the continent-wide government restrictions imposed across Europe, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, cannot stop Europa Terra Nostra its networking activities. On Wednesday evening, 2nd September, Europa Terra Nostra held its first online video meeting, to provide members with the opportunity to get meet and get acquainted with one another, as well as to discuss various topics of interest with the chairman of ETN, Dan Eriksson. Numerous participants and members from a variety of different European nations joined the meeting and engaged with one another in a comfortable and productive environment.


Chairman Dan Eriksson began the meeting first by welcoming all participants present, before introducing himself, as well as his deputy, Ivan Bilokapic – host of ETN’s podcast show, Undertow, who, unfortunately, had not been able to make the meeting, due to external commitments – and the Secretary-General of ETN, Jens Pühse. German author Sascha Roßmüller, whose books have also been published by Europa Terra Nostra, was also in attendance at the meeting.


Online Meeting for Europa Terra Nostra

Dan Eriksson


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