Another Ancient Christian Church Converted Into Mosque


Following his re-conversion of the Hagia Sophia from a museum back into a mosque in July, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has ordered that the 700-year-old Chora Church – which was repurposed as the Kariye Museum in 1945 – be converted to a mosque as well. The church is especially notable for its exquisite Byzantine architecture and mosaic icons, all of which were set to be maintained and preserved. However, with the church’s conversion into a mosque, these Christian images and icons will presumably now be covered up and hidden from view.



High Noon of August 29th in Berlin: Show-Down for Freedom!


Due to the political Corona-restrictions, this virus seems to be much more dangerous to fundamental freedom rights than it is physically. Since months people in Germany are held captive in a permanent state of exception by the government, unworthy for an allegedly free and democratic system, which is why the discontent within the population is increasing. A massive demonstration on August 1st in Berlin borne by participants across numerous different political currents gave an impressing evidence oft the urge of freedom felt by many thousands of Germans.


The numbers cited range widely between about 20 000 up to 1.3 million protesters, including libertarians, constitutional loyalists, right-wing supporters and anti-vaccination activists, that marched in Berlin that day. For next Saturday, August 29th, again opponents of the government's coronavirus restrictions had planned to march through Berlin-Mitte from 11 am on, and gather in the afternoon on the „Straße des 17. Juni“ near Brandenburg Gate.


Berlin 1 August

Demonstration on 1 August 2020 in Berlin © By Leonhard Lenz Own work, CC0


Danger Ahead – EU is Conspiring to Produce a New Pact on Migration


The new pact on migration and asylum that had been announced in the European Commission´s 2020 Work Programme will be a topic of great significance on Brussels’ upcoming autumn agenda. This pact is something that must be observed attentively by all European nationalists, when the EU initiates further discussions on the matter, as what Europe would really need in the near future is a type of “Pact on Homeland Protection & Repatriation”.



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