The Conference on the Future of Europe & What it Means for Us

The plan of forming a European federal state and ending all sorts of national sovereignty has been underway for a long time. During the “Conference on the Future of Europe” conference, federalists and anti-European eurocrats took new steps to dissolve the nation-states

Victims of Grooming Gangs in Northern England Urged to Come Forward

Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has appealed for more victims of Rotherham’s notorious grooming gangs to make themselves known to investigators. For more than fifteen years, gangs comprising men of primarily Pakistani extraction abused local white, mostly working-class girls, while local authorities and South Yorkshire Police turned a blind eye. A 2014 independent report by … Read more

Identitarian Currents in Latin America

When German scholar Alexander von Humboldt began his extensive travels throughout Latin America in 1799, no one had any idea at the time that he would significantly contribute to the later European enthusiasm for the culture of Central and South America – and, surprisingly, not for its natural resources.

Poland Declares That Polish National Law is Above EU Law

In the latest round of clashes between Poland and the European Union, Polish judges officially declared that the country’s own laws – as outlined by its constitution – supersede EU laws, thereby emphasising that the national Polish rule of law takes precedence over any laws that the EU passes which could potentially affect Poland in turn. The declaration follows the findings by a Polish constitutional tribunal that some EU laws directly contradict Polish constitutional laws.