Dylan Mulvaney & the Pro-Transgender Corporation Boycotts

The Rise of Dylan Mulvaney

The transgender propaganda campaign continues at full steam ahead. It might not have escaped the attention of the reader(s) that the most influential transgender figure in the world currently – for some reason – is arguably one Mr. Dylan Mulvaney (emphasis on the Mr.), who most will be familiar with from social media and, most recently, news outlets and popular American talk shows. For those of you who may not be aware, however, Dylan Mulvaney is a 26-year-old American man who rose to fame on social media – specifically TikTok – by providing daily updates on his so-called transition from manhood into “girlhood”. This TikTok video series is known as Days of Girlhood and caught the American and Canadian LGBT community and its support base by storm. In fact, Mulvaney’s TikTok account now has over 10 million followers and his Days of Girlhood series has accumulated over 1 billion views since the series’ conception in March 2022. Mulvaney described his “coming out” in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic during one particular interview:

When the pandemic hit, I was doing the Broadway musical ‘Book of Mormon’. I found myself jobless and without the creative means to do what I loved. I downloaded TikTok, assuming it was a kids’ app [it is highly unusual – and rather disturbing – as to why a transgender person in his mid-20s would be willing to download a video app under the assumption that it was primarily for children]. Once I came out as a woman, I made this “day one of being a girl” comedic video and it blew up. I really don’t know another place online like TikTok that can make a creator grow at the rate that it does. Some of these other apps really celebrate perfection and over-editing and flawlessness. I think with TikTok specifically, people love the rawness. They love people just talking to the camera. I try to approach every video like a FaceTime with a friend.

While Mulvaney tries his best to describe his own series of TikTok videos as some sort of mature video diary account of his “journey” from being a man to a woman, anybody who has had the misfortune to see his videos for themselves will know that these videos are anything but mature, let alone anything that they may have otherwise seen before from many other transgender figures on social media. While most of you reading this may be wondering how much worse the transgender community on social media can get than what already exists, Dylan Mulvaney takes his “journey” to entirely new levels. The most obvious issue out of countless is that Mulvaney behaves so flamboyantly and, for lack of a better term, stereotypically “girly” in his videos, one way to describe his behaviour would be like if one were to ask an 8-year-old boy how they think girls behave. It is all there – high-pitched voice, exaggerated facial expressions that resemble the Joker in the Batman franchise, clothing and make-up that are almost exclusively bright pink, the keen “interest” in flowers, hearts, birds, etc., shopping videos that would put figures such as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian to shame, etc. The extremely feminine appearance, speech and body language of Mulvaney is so exaggerated that many had previously assumed that he was joking this entire time and that he was actually playing one big, elaborate prank on everybody and the media. Alas, this is not the case – Mulvaney is being serious. Even the previous “most famous transgender person”, Bruce Jenner (now known as Caitlyn Jenner), stated that he found Mulvaney to be an “absurdity”, given the extreme exaggeration of Mulvaney’s portrayal of so-called “womanhood”. It really does say a lot about Mulvaney’s self-portrayal as a “woman” when even other transgender people criticise him for being too much.

In December 2022, Mulvaney underwent facial surgery in order to make himself look even more feminine. He subsequently revealed his new face in January, much to the praise and applause of his fans. It must be said here that Mulvaney’s face after the operation was little different to his face before the operation. Make of that what you will.

These first few months of 2023 would ultimately see Mulvaney unwillingly expose just how predatory, exploitative and lacking in basic common sense capitalist corporations can truly be. The same can also be attributed to Mulvaney himself and the rest of the transgender community. For reasons that virtually nobody can explain, Mulvaney made his first appearance as a red carpet guest at the annual Grammy Awards on the 5th February. Considering that the Grammy Awards are for recognising achievements within the music industry, it is unknown as to why Mulvaney was given the red carpet treatment. One could make the argument, however, that Mulvaney’s history in performing in musicals could have been one factor. The madness still does not end there, however, as Mulvaney ultimately hosted a livestreamed variety show dedicated to his one-year anniversary of “being a girl”. The event was held on the 13th March and was simply called Dylan Mulvaney’s Day 365 Live.

While critics of the LGBT community – especially the transgender community – have accused many of its members of being highly narcissistic, selfish and self-destructive people, Dylan Mulvaney’s “journey” from manhood into “girlhood” is an unprecedented case. Simply for recording daily update videos about how much more “girly” he is feeling for an entire year straight, Mulvaney’s sense of vanity, egoism and overall narcissism has ascended to such an overblown degree that he was allowed to interview the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, himself, was invited to be a guest on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards and even had a public variety performance show organised dedicated purely to him and his so-called “transition” into “womanhood”. Little to no genuine contribution to society has been made by Mulvaney other than to himself and his massively inflated sense of self-importance, vanity and narcissism. And yet the madness still does not end there.

“Go Woke, Go Broke”

By now, most of us have heard the popular phrase Go Woke, Go Broke to describe the situation that a media outlet, production/development company, organisation, etc. faces when it adopts “progressive”, left-wing and/or liberal rhetoric, before implementing such ideologies into their respective products and facing mass public backlash and consumer boycotts as a result. This is precisely what happened with the beer brand Bud Light recently. Somewhat appropriately, on the 1st April – April Fools Day – Dylan Mulvaney promoted Bud Light on the social media platform Instagram as part of a large sponsorship deal. Mulvaney’s sponsorship and advertisement led to mass public backlash against him and Bud Light.

Left-wingers and liberals have attempted to explain the mass boycotting of Bud Light as an example of so-called “right-wing snowflakes being triggered” by Mulvaney’s appearance as the new – if temporary – face of Bud Light, a beer brand which is already largely unpopular amongst consumers (primarily because it tastes somewhat like tepid rainwater that has been filtered through a rusty sieve). This argument, however, misses the point entirely. It is not Mulvaney’s appearance as the face of a branded product that has caused the outrage amongst right-wingers. What has led to the outrage was the fact that Mulvaney is being paid extremely large sums of money to promote numerous corporate brands for absolutely no other reason than for being a male-to-female transgender person. Mulvaney has contributed little to absolutely nothing to society, yet he is being paid enormous sums of money and is enjoying a rich lifestyle purely because he identifies as a girl (and very poorly acting like one). As of the writing of this article, Mulvaney has amassed a personal fortune of over $1 million in sponsorship money alone. The man has literally become a millionaire already by the age of 26 for simply pretending to be a girl and multinational capitalist corporations are willingly ignoring the evident moral and ethical issues behind the entire controversy. Alas, seeing those numbers rise in the bank account is clearly far more preferable to capitalist CEOs than any sense of integrity.

It is not just Bud Light that has made sponsorship deals with Mulvaney. Companies such as Nike have also made similar deals. While the Bud Light sponsorship gained the most media attention, the Nike sponsorship was arguably even worse in how it allowed Mulvaney to use their products. The most notable controversy was Mulvaney promoting a type of sporting bra for Nike. A sporting bra…for a biological man with no breasts. It is little wonder why many – especially women – have called for a boycott of Nike products as well.

While Nike’s stock value has remained consistent, despite the controversy, Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, saw a drop of 3% in its stock value due to the negative public backlash and subsequent boycott. While such a drop in stock value is unlikely to seriously harm Anheuser-Busch’s long-term future as a corporation, the controversy alone has been enough to provide a warning indicator for other capitalist corporations who may be tempted to even so much as toy with the idea of forging sponsorship deals with Dylan Mulvaney and/or other transgender figures.

It may take some time and a more significant mass public boycott before any of Dylan Mulvaney’s sponsor corporations truly begin to feel the financial hurt from their actions, but with negative public sentiment surrounding the transgender community slowly increasing, following weeks of extremely negative publicity from conservative figures and outlets, the popular term Go Woke, Go Broke may soon become ever closer to reality for these globalist, capitalist entities who continue to prioritise financial gain over the good of general society.

Stefan Brakus

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