An essential purpose of Europa Terra Nostra is to serve as a networking platform for European nationalists. It´s about strengthening a shared European consciousness, overcoming historical burdens, exchanging experiences and coordinating resistance against globalism. Our passion is to develop and popularise new ideas, strategies and tactics to advance our over-arching goal of preserving, celebrating and advancing our European heritage and ethnic identities.


Indeed we are against the European Union, precisely because we are pro-European! Today´s Brussels` EU-misconstruction is in reality Europhobic and a pacemaker for globalisation and liberal decadence. It is an immigration union serving the Great Replacement, rather than a union for the benefit of Europeans.


We do not mind if you have a party political background in a nationalist party in your own country, if you have been involved on the political road and are now looking for a new way, or if you have up until now been a non-attached “freelance” nationalist. The only things that matter to us are that you are of European descent and agree with the principles put on record in the ETN booklet Freedom, Peace, Identity. As a political think tank for European nationalism, our primary purpose is to provide a network platform, so we do not allow specific political parties to be a defining element within our organisation, activities and direction.


Simply fill out the online membership form. The annual personal affiliate membership fee is 50 € renewable after one year. You must be over 16. This allows you enjoy all the privileges of membership, including being kept informed about ETN activities and events, and to attend the annual congress and become involved in the organisation’s affairs and decision-making.


Citizen of European descent in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are also welcome to apply for membership. Every member receives a membership card, a badge and, last but not least, our introductory booklet.


As a member, you further enjoy preferential treatment and support in getting in touch with nationalists from abroad, and to attend exciting events all over Europe. Most of all, our regular newsletter you will always be kept up-to-date, with political analysis as well as activities, developments and our future plans.


You can take advantage of organised visits to attractive events co-organised with various organisations all over the continent. Europa Terra Nostra takes care of our people on such group visits, providing travel advice, meeting points, fringe programmes and accommodation. Everything you need to enjoy safe and exciting travel to great events where you will meet and make like-minded friends from across our home continent.

Every member agrees to abide by the statutes of our association and by the decisions of its governing body. Active members have the right to vote in the appointment of the board and to a say in the decisions of the organisation by attending its internal meetings.

If you want to know about other members of Europe Terra Nostra in your local area, we, of course, can arrange to put you in touch with one another and further give advice in developing worthwhile common activities.


The main objective of Europa Terra Nostra (ETN) is to connect people of European descent for the purpose of their permanent preservation, which is why ethnicity is the primary focus of our policies. We try to avoid the polarisation of the European family by refraining from prioritising one specific religion over others. As a secular organisation, we do not allow strong religious dogma to influence our overall policies. Our attitude towards Christianity is predominantly a cultural one, due to its contribution in shaping large parts of our historical development significantly, and its influence on different cultural areas of the arts. However, ETN does not look to partake in any “religious wars”.


We define European cultural heritage metaphorically as a bouquet of flowers with a common rootstock. The three essential roots represent Greco-Roman, Celtic/Germanic and Christian/pagan paths of development – along with other European religions. Recognising the great historical currents of the Enlightenment on one side of the socio-cultural spectrum, and Romanticism on the other, ETN rejects both the concepts of the dogmatic absolution of Reason on European society on the one hand, as well as dogmatic limitations on spiritual freedom and the restriction of practising religion on the other hand.


Although holding spiritual faith by itself does not automatically mean immediate adherence or belonging to any religious institution per se, it is noteworthy in this context that various religious institutions in Europe do not express any signs or sentiments of defending Occidental heritage and the indigenous European ethnicities against Islamist zealots and foreign infiltration, up to the point of replacement. With regards to political and ideological attitudes, the influence of spiritual faith and religion on a European nation can vary between different nations’ respective histories and socio-cultural mentalities.


ETN itself is officially neutral, when it comes to spiritual and/or religious matters. This means that ETN embraces anybody of any European religious background, regardless whether they are Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, atheist or has a spiritual/aesthetic alignment to Europe’s pagan roots. The crucial point is in being socio-culturally authentic, with a worldview stemming from respective national traditional sources, which are in turn pillars of the various cultures and foundations of a national community´s identity. These are the benchmarks of reasonable nationalist thought.

Become an activist on social media! In order to counter the media superiority that our opponents enjoy, we need activists who will carry our publications into the social networking world. Spread the content of Europa Terra Nostra on  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram and whatever other platforms that you may be on.

Distribute our advertising material! Do you wish to make others aware of Europa Terra Nostra? We will be happy to send you information material and stickers, for a small contribution towards expenses.

Become a member! By becoming a member, you actively support the work of Europa Terra Nostra. As a member, you will have the opportunity to participate in congresses, excursions, training courses, and other activities. Membership of Europa Terra Nostra costs an annual fee of 50 Euros. Become a Member now!

Support Europa Terra Nostra financially! Organising events and producing information material costs money. With a monthly or one-off amount, you can help us to further strengthen our work. Donate now!

Contribute your own skills and knowledge! Can design graphics, record music, edit videos, write, correct and translate text, or possess vital organisational skills? Bring your talents to Europa Terra Nostra! Get in touch with us!

Europa Terra Nostra strives to connect European nationalists not only at the leadership, but at the grassroots level as well. However, one of the most unique features is the organisation of several opportunities for joint participation in exciting events all across Europe for our members. We do this in such a way as to reduce the individual’s effort significantly in the planning process.

Europa Terra Nostra thus also serves as a "political tour operator", taking care of group visits, providing travel advice, meeting points, fringe programmes and accommodation for affordable prices. To effectively build bridges and overcome historical resentments, such aforementioned trust-building community experiences of cross-border interactions and activities provide a solid groundwork for a nationalist, as well Occidental, European consciousness. Moreover, we are capable of doing all of this without being an organisation that is affiliated with any single political party in each European nation. We do not discriminate between individual nationalist political parties or their members and supporters, wherever in Europe they come from.

This notion is often the result of the distorted train of thought that is hydraulic thinking, which falsely claims that a nation can only be successful at the expense of another. Rather paradoxically, is in fact the exact behaviour of anti-patriotic and anti-nationalist globalists, who label nationalism as aggressive, while simultaneously warmongering imperialistically all over the globe, largely for the purposes of international capitalism. Since its initial conception as a political idea, the nation-state has developed and been proven to be a well-functioning institution. However, what we must not allow to happen is the misinterpretation of the renaissance of nationalist politics as a rejection of wider European consciousness.


The advancement of the nationalist ideology through the working with other parties internationally is thus rather an apodictic necessity. This also becomes clear when one takes a brief look back through the history of Europe. The greatest common threats to which the European peoples and their nation-states were exposed to in the past were more often than not warded off by resolute joint action between a number of different European nations. The challenges facing the European Occident in the 21st century also require such resolute joint action between the different peoples and nations of Europe.

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