Fight George Soros – the Lobbyist of Multicultural Replacement Policy


Left-wing multicultural influence of George Soros´s Open Society Foundations continues to increase further. The organisation announced to donate $ 220 million to several groups that focus on so-called „racial justice“.



The most significant share of no less than $150 million shall go to organisations aimed at achieving equal statistical outcomes between demographic groups in economics and criminal justice. Moreover, it was to read that Soros plans to double his election spendings regarding 2016 to strive against President Trump`s reelection campaign.


Even if it´s disparaged as an alleged conspiracy theory, it´s well known that billionaire George Soros severely impinges on politics by enormous amounts of targeted cash infusions. For example, district attorney races in the USA focus more and more on issues of political leaning than the character of the candidates, since George Soros started to pull strings also on this court. In the last six years, Soros invested more than $ 18 million to support his favoured district attorneys – and most of them have won. The political results, not least, are to see by the recent judgements against BLM-critics.


Billion dollar influence of Soros


To get an idea, how far-reaching the influence of George Soros is, it´s sufficient to do a look at the budget of his Open Society Foundations. This year`s OSF-budget 2020 amounts to an incredible $ 1209 million. In 2020 for Europe alone are envisaged $ 92.9 million; however, there are further $ 53.2 million scheduled for the Eurasian area. For over three decades of lobbyist influence, the Open Society Foundations have had expenditures of more than $15 billion. – That´s one essential source of a lot of evils like societal LGTBQ-transformation, regime change-interventions and colour revolutions as well as multicultural replacement policy.


Let´s Fight Capitalist Influence with Idealism – Join Europa Terra Nostra, the Vanguard of National Self-Determination!



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