Four Years For Helping the Needy - Kotleba Verdict Shows Intolerance of the Tolerant


Four years in prison for the crime of winning seats in parliament and then giving some of your resulting income to the poor and needy! The latest example of liberal intolerance has just emerged in Slovakia, with the victim being the nationalist leader and parliamentarian Marian Kotleba.



Earlier this year, Kotleba’s traditionalist LSNS party, which is demonised by opponents and Soros-funded NGOs as ‘neo-fascist’, gained enough votes, over 8%, in the election to enter parliament for a second time, taking 17 up seats in the 150-seat national assembly.


The liberal elite were perhaps even more alarmed by the fact that opinion polls and surveys throughout the campaign showed over 20% of young voters backing the party, which had based its campaign on opposition to political and elite corruption and stressing the need for more effective protection for law-abiding citizens against criminal gangs.


The LSNS also gave voters the opportunity to register their mistrust of the European Union and to express their opposition to efforts to promote LGBTQ dogma and non-white immigration on Slovakia.


Alarmed by the growing popularity of the party, the country’s Powers That Be set about clamping down on dissent and developing police and legal frameworks for ‘lawfare’ attacks on Kotleba and his followers.


Marian Kotleba


Of the prosecutions that have followed, the most high profile has been the court action against Marian Kotleba himself. The excuse was his action in fulfilling the party’s election pledge that MPs would give some of their parliamentary income to poor constituents.


On the 14th March anniversary of the establishment of the First Slovak Republic, at a high school in Banská Bystrica, Mr. Kotleba presented three cheques for 1,488 euros to good causes. The first recipients were a family with a handicapped child; the other two were poor families. The amount was decide simply by dividing they money donated by the LSNS parliamentarians in three.


The figure was, predictably reported by the mass media as a reference to the ‘Fourteen Words’ (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”) a concise formulation of ethno-nationalism created by American extremist David Lane, and to 88, which is regarded as Nazi code.


Mr. Kotleba presented three cheques for 1,488 euros to good causes. The first recipients were a family with a handicapped child; the other two were poor families.


Without the ‘controversial’ amount, the gifts would, of course, have been completely ignored, but the hysterical bigotry and hyper-sensitivity of leftist journalists made them unable to resist reporting the story. Thus they publicised the fact that, at last, Slovakia has a man and a party who actually care enough about ordinary people to give them not just state money, but also their own.


After an initial attempt to prosecute was blocked, the authorities brought a second action against Kotleba, upgrading the alleged offence to the more serious crime of forming, supporting and promoting a movement aimed at repression of human rights.


After an eight-hour closing speech yesterday –  in which he pointed out that no one in history has been prosecuted for helping people in need – a defiant Kotleba faced Slovak journalists outside the Specialized Criminal Court in Pezinok. “I can’t say that I’m happy, because I expected an acquittal,” he said. “It is clear that there was a political order that it should be closed already, that Kotleba needs to be ‘dealt with’.”


The verdict shocked even those who already understood the deep ‘intolerance of the tolerant’ which is so often displayed by modern liberals. Judge Ružena Sabová sentenced the popular party leader to a staggering four years and four months in prison.



Quite apart from the sheer injustice of jailing a man for the crime of giving his own money to charity, it is also a fact that Slovak prisons are dominated by gangs, and hence potentially very dangerous places for people who have spoken out against the failure of the police and courts to deal effectively with crime.


Announcing his intention to appeal, Kotleba pointed out that the trial did not prove at all that he had committed a crime. “I am disappointed and disappointed in the process. I expected the state to comply with the legality of the process, “said the chairman of LSNS. He described the accusation as fabricated. “Nowhere in the current legislation is it written that you commit a crime by by donating any amount of taxable money to someone,” Kotleba added.


The prosecutor also spoke to journalists: “15 years after banning the Slovak Togetherness – National Party, the Slovak Republic has finally achieved the conviction of a leading representative of extremism in Slovakia,” he said, adding that it “sends a message to all the people in Slovakia who support democracy”.


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The prosecution certainly does send a message. It tells us all too clearly that, even if a nationalist party does manage to overcome the uneven playing field and systematic unfairness of the electoral system, the liberal elite have no hesitation in manipulating the law to crush the political insurgency.


The liberal democratic system is not there to give the public a voice and the power to change things; it is there to provide an illusion of choice. To put faith, time and money into playing a game in which a deeply corrupt and dishonest elite own the pitch, bat and ball - and can change the rules whenever it suits them – is to guarantee failure and disappointment.


By their intolerant actions, the liberals thus create the risk of frustrated and angry individuals turning to terrorism. The task of serious nationalists is to pioneer a constructive, moral and effective alternative to such nihilistic violence on the one hand, and futile electioneering gestures on the other. Since they will not let us play their game fairly, we need to invent and enjoy our own!


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