Fourteen Spanish nationalists on trial - A seven years long legal battle


It seems nothing is sacred to the current institutions of any European country. Not even if free-thinking patriots rise against separatism and raise their voices to uphold national unity, against those who wish to disrupt it. The famous "Blanquerna case" is one of the judicial processes in Spain that came into focus for the evident persecution of the Spanish justice system against fourteen patriotic defendants. The Blanquerna Case took place in 2013 at the headquarters of the Catalan Independence Movement in Madrid, at the Blanquerna Cultural Center.


On September 11, 2013, the separatists organized a meeting in Blanquerna, which was attended by several national deputies of the Catalan and Basque Independence Movement. The separatist meeting was disrupted by counter-protesters including Pedro Chaparro, the current leader of Democracia Nacional and Manuel Andrino Lobo (La Falange), to interrupt the event according to the resounding motto "Catalonia is Spain - don`t deceive us!"


Blanquerna March


Following the anti-separatist protest, a judicial process has started against the Spanish nationalists that lasts to this day. This seven-year-old legal battle will is now finally being concluded and finished in the coming months. At the first trial, the patriots got sentenced to 8 months in prison, due to the "independence lawyers" which appealed the first sentence. In 2017 it was the Supreme Court that condemned them to 4 years in prison.


Thankfully, the legal team, which represents the Spanish patriots and the pressure which came from protests on the streets, our comrades managed to appeal the process successfully and could avoid imprisonment. However, the process is awaiting an imminent resolution by the Spanish Supreme Court, which in compliance with the order of the Constitutional Court must write a new sentence.


Noteworthy that the Spanish government is insofar a complicit of the separatists, which keep challenging and endangering Spanish sovereignty, as it yielded Charles Puigdemont, one of the most prominent figures of the Catalan Separatist Movement, to avoid being put on trial by escaping into self-exile. Further, Puigdemont is campaigning for the EU to gain support for his separatist cause. Besides the known separatists, the Masonic organizations and their members are also actively advocating the breakup of Spain, using the media and promoting hatred towards the groups of Spaniards which are doing everything in their power to keep Spain united.


Luckily there is a group that is still standing to fight, whose pulse did not shake when it came to defending the unity of their country. Justice may be blind, but is she also deaf to the call of the patriots remains to be seen.


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