Free Speech-Danger Zone Social Media? De-Platforming Goes On!


Dissidents to the left-wing mainstream get increasingly muzzled. Again YouTube executed an attack on free speech by banning several channels.



Since YouTube toughened its guidelines to secure conformity within the spectrum of opinions accepted by the establishment in June 2019 democratic plurality had to deplore a five times spike in video removals. Numerically quantified this means that more than 25.000 channels have been terminated. Currently, YouTube banned several prominent critics to the left-wing agenda who were characterised by a considerable amount of followers. Among them Richard Spencer (National Policy Institute), Stefan Molyneux, David Duke and Jared Taylor (American Renaissance) who in a broadcast of Red Ice TV explained that he already had tried to „dance around“ everything which could be maliciously misinterpreted as offensive. The essential conclusion to draw under those circumstances is: The more institutions of fake-liberal totalitarianism try to silence nationalist opinions, the more individual multipliers are needed!


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