Italian Nationalists Set to Protest Against New Lockdown Measures


On Saturday, 5th September, a demonstration in Italy, organised under a collaboration of Italian nationalists and other anti-lockdown protestors, is to take place in the city of Rome. In a fashion not unlike other recent protests and demonstrations in cities such as Zurich, London, Dublin and Berlin, the purpose of the demonstration is to express growing public dissatisfaction with new lockdown measures and restrictions planned to be implemented by the Italian government, in response to a potential second wave of COVID-19. During the initial wave of COVID-19 earlier on in the year, Italy had been the epicentre of the pandemic in Europe, and had been one of the worst-hit countries on the continent.


The demonstration in question is planned to begin at 16:00 (4:00pm) at Bocca della Verità, Rome. The slogan for the demonstration is


For a Free Italy. For Our Children. For the Future.



The leading organisational force behind the planned demonstration is the Italian nationalist organisation Forza Nuova, with support from several associations, entrepreneurs, representatives of the cultural sector and general members of the Italian public. Families are also expected to attend the event, with one major concern of the demonstrators being that the proposed new lockdown measures and restrictions will likely have a long-term negative effect on any normal continuation of everyday Italian life – with the schooling of children being a key area of concern for many families. The demonstration is also intended to bring together Italians from all walks of life – regardless of personal political affiliations – in order to display a powerful show of Italian resistance against any and all further hard COVID-19 lockdown measures planned by the Italian government.


The Personal Freedom of the Italian People is Not to be Undermined By Orwellian Systems


A particularly high-profile figure who has given his blessing towards the planned demonstration is influential Archbishop of the Catholic Church in Italy Carlo Maria Viganò, who, in reference to the actions of anti-lockdown activists, recently stated – using the language of spirituality – that the “Children of Light” [anti-lockdown protestors] must stand against the "Children of Darkness" [pro-lockdown government officials]. The organisers of Saturday’s demonstration welcomed the Archbishop’s blessing with much enthusiasm, noting that such a show of support from such a high-profile figure in Italy may garner further sympathy and support from the wider Italian public for the planned protests.


Gloria Callarelli


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