Italian Political Movement CasaPound Italia to Hold Celebratory Event


Italian nationalist movement CasaPound Italia have released the official programme for a multi-day event that they have organised, to be held from the 3rd to the 6th September in the Italian city of Grosseto. The event – called Direction: Revolution 2020 – is intended to be a celebration of the movement and its activities. The organisers have stated within the event’s official programme that the activities being planned for the celebration will be related – but not limited – to political discussion, cultural awareness, sport, music and community activities.


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Below is the English translation (from the original Italian) of the official programme of events for Direction: Revolution 2020:


Thursday, September 3

9:30: Immersion organized by Formiche di Grossetto, with Diavoli di Mare

17:00: Innovation Without Limits with Gian Piero Joime, Fabio Massimo Frattale Mascioli and Antonello Rizzi


Friday, September 4

14:00: Lampedusa: The Island of Fake News with Francesca Totolo, Chiara Giannini and Andrea Antonini

16:00: Politically Incorrect with Marco Scatarzi, Marco Carucci, Andrea Lombardi, Emanuele Ricucci, Lorenzo Cafarchio and Valerio Benedetti

18:00: Mussolini & Philosophy with Fabrizio Vincenti, Adriano Scianca and Carlomanno Adinolfi

19:00: Exhibition and free practice in the pool with Diavoli di Mare (1st round)

21:00: Exhibition and free practice in the pool with Diavoli di Mare (2nd round)

21:00: Concert, with the participation of Drittacore, Bellator, Topi Neri, Taurus, Zetazeroalfa and ADL 122


Saturday, September 5

9:30: Training and exhibition with Il Circuito dei Combattenti

10:30: Motorcycle tour, in collaboration with the Banda Andersen

15:00: To Dream of the Republic: Mussolini & Bombacci in Salo with Massimiliano Soldani, Fabrizio Vincenti and Simone Pellico

17:00: The Fate of a Nation with Simone di Stefano, Fabio Barsanti, Gino Tornusciolo, with the video participation of Alessandro Meluzzi, Simone Pillon and Federico Mollicone

21:00 Concert with SPQR, Hobbit, Confine, Ultima Frontiera and Wild Alley


Continuous DJ set, throughout the duration of the celebration, covered by the editors of RBN throughout Italy. Not only music, there will be other commentaries and live interviews with the participants of Direction: Revolution 2020.


Further information: CasaPound Italia


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