Our Headquarters


The ETN headquarters are in Älgarås, in the Swedish countryside between Gothenburg and Stockholm.


The headquarters are jointly used by the Swedish association Det fria Sverige and Europa Terra Nostra. The owner is Det fria Sverige. This acquisition was realised by the helpful generosity of many supporters. This great project is steadily developing and expanding, building a team of skilled comrades of our own ranks. The property, together with its grounds, offers opportunities to meet as well as office workplace and studio facilities for media projects.




The property provides our own place for undisturbed activities, where political and cultural events, leisure-time festivities and sporting competitions are held on a regular basis. Moreover, the headquarters are run as an open house, where guests from the local community are frequently welcomed.


All members and supporters are cordially invited to visit us. Please use our contact options.




Svenskarnas Hus inside




Europa Terra Nostra
Västra Långgatan 29
545 72 Älgarås, Sweden

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