Our Headquarters are undergoing big improvements


During the last couple of weeks, dozens of volunteer workers have been renovating Svenskarnas hus (House of the Swedes), a facility owned by the Swedish nationalists association Det fria Sverige (Free Sweden) and co-used as Headquarters and event venue for Europa Terra Nostra.


The building, which first opened its doors in March of 2019, houses a large venue hall, a café, a gym, a library, a playroom, a radio studio as well as several office spaces. There is also a large field behind the house, which often is used for large outdoor events and sports.



Svenskarnas Hus


The new renovation is taking care of the outside of the house



The new renovation is taking care of the outside of the house. The old metal facade, which had seen better days, is replaced by a new wooden facade in the classic Swedish red colour. In the coming weeks, new windows and doors will get installed as well. This task is a giant undertaking for the volunteer workers and a significant investment in material for the Swedish association.


Everything from the initial house purchase to the extensive renovation both inside and outside is made possible through generous donations from supporters. A total of over two million Swedish kronor (approx. 200 000 euro) has been donated and invested into the project. 




Many volunteers are helping



The plan is to finish the renovation in August so that the house can be open to the public once again, and when it's done, we will publish more photos here on etnostra.com


If you want to visit the house, it's located av Västra långgatan 29 in Älgarås. Best is always to call the house beforehand to be sure that it's open on +46851971631.


If you want to support the house's building and renovation, you can do so on Det fria Sveriges homepage.



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