Overcoming Historical Burdens: Young Czech and German Nationalists Commonly Celebrated "Day of Culture"


For more than ten years, the cultural exchange between German and Czech nationalists in the Saxon-Bohemian border area has developed into a permanent institution. On Saturday, July 25th, around 40 members and friends of the Junge Nationalisten (JN) from Germany, the Mladi Nacionaliste (MN) and the Delnicka Mladez (DM) from the Czech Republic hiked an enjoyable ten kilometers at the so-called Saxon-Bohemian Culture Day along the Czechoslovak Wall.


The border fortification system, also known as the "Schöberlinie", - built between 1933 and 1938 - ran along the border to the German Empire, Hungary, Poland and Austria and is to consider as one of the best fortress construction systems of the 20th century.

In addition to good discussions and a bunker tour, the participants also sent a clear statement for safe borders and self-determined, free nations in a Europe of the peoples.






Don´t Forget the past, but let´s Build the Future Together - Join now Europa Terra Nostra, the Network for Nationalist Friendship!



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