Patriotic Alternative (UK) & the Indigenous People’s Day Initiative


In the United States, the Commonwealth of Nations and several other countries worldwide, celebrations for the nations’ respective indigenous populations are held on an annual basis, encouraging non-indigenous citizens to recognise the importance of native cultures, traditions and the people who represent them. In this day and age, where issues and controversial debate surrounding the concepts of ethnicity have emerged at the expense of the indigenous White populations of Europe, there is more reason than ever for a European version of an Indigenous Day. In the UK, nationalist organisation Patriotic Alternative (PA) have sought to bring forward such a celebration, but for the native peoples of the British Isles.



What is PA’s Indigenous People’s Day About?


An Indigenous People’s Day for the British was organised and held by PA last year, which was very much a success. It brought much attention to the organisation and even led to numerous people signing up to join the movement itself. This year, PA intend to match – or even exceed – the success of last year’s celebrations by expanding its calls for people of native British descent to express their pride and love for their nation, whether they be ethnically English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Cornish or Manx. At a time in a country where simply being White is enough to attract criticism from mainstream society, it is more important than ever to show the anti-White crowd that nationalism is NOT about hatred for others – as is the common popular narrative from the mainstream today – but rather that nationalism is all about expressing pride and love for your own. This is the fundamental message of PA’s Indigenous People’s Day initiative.


How You Can Take Part


If you are based in the British Isles and wish to contribute towards the initiative (the theme for this year is White Lives Matter, in response to the genuinely racist and aggressively anti-White Black Lives Matter movement), you can express your own message in any way that you can. All that is asked by PA is that you send any photos and/or videos that you may have of your activism to Laura Towler at [email protected]. PA also kindly asks that you let them know which region you are located in the UK – as there will also be regional competitions for this year’s event – as well as to NOT conduct any form of activism which can be regarded as illegal in nature. The purpose of this year’s Indigenous People’s Day is to celebrate the ethnic native people of the British Isles and their culture, not to cause any issues which may land yourself and/or others in legal hot water.



The Indigenous People’s Day 2021 Competition


If you are a resident of the UK and also wish to participate in this year’s Indigenous People’s Day initiative, as mentioned above, there will also be a regional competition as to which region with PA representation delivers the best form of activism, as voted for publicly. The nine UK regions with PA representation include:


  1. Scotland
  2. North-West England
  3. Yorkshire
  4. West Midlands (England)
  5. East Midlands (England)
  6. East Anglia
  7. London
  8. Wales
  9. South-West England


The prizes for the winners include the title of White Lives Matter Activism Champions 2021, a White Lives Matter Activism Champions trophy (with the winning region’s name engraved on it) and photographs of the winners and their activism featured on the homepage of the Patriotic Alternative website and in promotional material.


Join Europa Terra Nostra – For a Future for the Indigenous Peoples of Europe


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