A Podcast from Europa Terra Nostra


Raising your voice for the right cause in a time of totalitarian liberal censorship can be a difficult task. The voices of reason, creativity and patriotism are gagged. Our nations and the peoples who created them are being systematically ground down and replaced, but protests and alternative views and plans are stifled.


This has to change – and we are going to make it change!


Undertow Podcast


The Europa Terra Nostra Podcast gives the nationalist revolutionaries of today and tomorrow a voice, by forging a network of friendships between patriots all around Europe and everywhere in the world where Europeans have brought order and created civilisation. Our Europe is a chain, and every nation is a significant and important link. To make sure this chain grows and stays strong, the ETN Podcast is here to provide a steady and effective voice for the national cause – including in your homeland.


Presenting guests from the nationalist scene, organisations, political parties and independent political activists from all over Europe, the ETN Podcast will tear off the gag and ensure that our collective voice is heard loud and clear. To make sure the messages of our European comrades reach every patriot, tune in to our podcast where our hosts discuss political, cultural and social issues with those who dare to raise a voice and to be sparks of hope in a Europe, which yearns for truth, action and patriotism.


undertow - a strong current flowing underwater in a different direction to the way the water on the surface is moving, especially one that flows away from the land at the same time as a wave hits the beach


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