Protest Against Farm Murders in South Africa


It´s time to show white solidarity! - On August 14th, Transvaalse Landbou Unie in South Africa (TLU SA) will virtually (not least due to Corona) walk 5.530 km around South Africa within 24 hours. Each kilometre represents one of the farm attacks which ripped apart the lives of families and workers on farms since 1990. During the same time, 2 083 persons were ripped from the lives of their families, friends and communities.



Financial pressure, deprivation of property rights and most worse, a loss of safety transforms the everyday lives of skilled, hardworking white farmers into hell in nowadays South Africa. Moreover, there’s been an increase and noted brutality in farm attacks and murders in South Africa since the beginning of this year. Murder, assault, rape, robbery, arson are on the daily agenda of black criminals targeting whites. This year alone, white farmers already faced 35 murders in 180 farm attacks. The murder rate of white South African farmers is five times the South African average.


The current President Cyril Ramaphosa, from the ruling ANC, denies large-scale killings of white farmers but civil rights organization AfriForum conducted an analysis of SAPS statistics, confirming that Farm Attacks are on the rise, contrary to mainstream media claims. On the back of all this, we heard from unbelievable brutalities of gratuitous torture even of children like, for example, cutting little girls so-called „joker smiles“ in the face or forms of crucifixions.


Let´s support this protest and give evidence of solidarity regarding the safety interests of our ethnic brothers in South Africa! Don´t hesitate to support this campaign by registering for the virtual protest march:


In the following a documentary about the inhumane nuisances in South Africa:



White Solidarity Is No Supremacy – Join Europa Terra Nostra, the Advocate of the Interests of People of European Descent!


Join us!

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