Black Lives Matter: Racial Riots and anti-white Hatred / The Influence of Soros


The United States suffers from racial riots, including collective looting orgies in the course of which houndings against whites more and more dominate the agenda - and sparks of this scourge have already spread to Europe. Moreover, this civil war scenario is downplayed as mere „protests“ by the mainstream-rhetoric.



In this context the death of a black criminal – in the meanwhile one gets sick of hearing his name - during a detention measure is excessively exploited, while comparable cases of white victims have received almost no public attention.


Tony Timpa's death on August 10, 2016 faded away relatively unnoticed. As well when the white Justine Diamond was shot by the dark-skinned police officer Mohamed Noor on July 15, 2017, there was no devastation and looting of white protesters.


Anti-White Racism spills over to Europe


One wonders what for an organized engagement of a „White Lives Matter, too“-movement is still waiting, after comparable to ten blacks killed by US-police last year it has been even 20 unarmed whites who suffered the same fate. Is this white privilege? Generally, let´s not forget that in the USA significantly more whites are murdered by black people than otherwise. Does this indicate structural racism or asked differently what type of racism does this suggest?


It didn't take long for the riots to spill over to Europe. Within the first weekend in June according to British media reports, the UK has seen 49 injured police officers. Not different to Germany where simultaneously at least 31 wounded police officers have been numbered. The de facto disappearance of all Corona requirements regarding Black Lives Matter/Antifa-gatherings – not uncommon as a source of violence - surely not gives evidence of racist political regimes in Europe as claimed by Antifa and the left-wing rubber stamp-medias.


The Influence of George Soros


Maybe President Donald Trump’s threat to classify Antifa as a domestic terror group will lead to scrutiny the financial ties in support of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Co. Up to now, any suspicion is derogatorily labelled as a conspiracy theory. However, it´s a fact that rioters and looters are regularly bailed out for example by the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), which receives an out of proportion level of donations from Hollywood stars. MFF Executive Director Tonja Honsey, a convicted drug offender who also was jailed for theft and check forgery, is also known as a George Soros acolyte. MFF again maintains close ties to the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) which can be seen as kind of an unofficial legal arm of Antifa. After all NLG makes clear justifications for its support for Antifa on its own website and via media. Most interesting that NLG has received funding from Soros’s Open Society and has partnered with Soros-backed organizations. Insofar a connection between the current riots and George Soros is anything else than a conspiracy theory.


In conclusion, it´s noteworthy that a legitimate criticism of a maybe inappropriate police measure towards a black victim is misused to incite racial hatred against white people. Europe has to be careful, not even tomorrow to look like the USA of today!

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