Salvini and Meloni: Populist civic right in Italy confuses a rescue rope with a pitfall!


The failure of the European political establishment provokes fatal reactions and even some right-wing populists like Salvini seem to suffer a lack of a synoptic view and foresight. Matteo Salvini from the Lega Nord and Giorgia Meloni from the Fratelli d'Italia react reflexively only to symptoms and thus slip short-sightedly into a political reasoning which European nationalists have to avoid at all costs, namely to open gaps between the European peoples.




They complain about Germany for failing to render assistance (Salvini) as if Covid-19 was a product “Made in Germany” and assume a German attack against the Italian economy (Meloni). Time from a nationalist point of view to put matters straight without damaging national sovereignty or reducing criticism of Brussels and its vassal-governments.


Italy quite rightly criticises the blocking of the export of protective masks and, of course, Europe has failed. Further, at least as far as one takes into account the figures alone, the German rescue package appears enormous enough to raise expectations of solidarity.


All the more praiseworthy, of course, the Eurasian commitment by Russia and China. Especially in situations of this sort, it is essential for a fundamental European-nationalist opposition to accurately analyse interrelations to show the leading line of approaches instead of superficial patchwork.


It also should not get lost sight of that in the meanwhile EU net contributor Germany is at best only a giant on feet of clay given its national debt. Even more crucial, however, even though pandemic forecasts have been available since years, throughout Europe no government has made preparations regarding quick crisis management measures.


Moreover, the debate - under any label - about Euro-Bonds as a rescue measure which ultimately would harm fiscal sovereignty, is only a secondary theatre considering the exorbitantly larger debt pooling by the extended ECB bond purchases. Salvini and many other right-wing populists do not seem to recognise that their current demands are in line with the misguiding path of Brussels` instruments, which is less of a rescue rope than rather a pitfall.


Right now, after EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wasn´t able to avoid any longer admitting Brussels failure, Salvini & Co. would have to demand to pick up reins of financial sovereignty into own hands again, assuming they were indeed national sovereigntists. And then as a next step to pursue a self-determined rescue strategy by an economic development policy independent of Brussels. Where is the demand to return to an own national currency?


Doing so would offer the possibility of increased competitiveness by a possibility of currency devaluation respectively, it would still be better being indebted on own terms at the own central bank than in Brussels. Why doesn't Salvini at least take up the previous Lega Nord idea of the so-called Mini-Bots as a quasi-parallel currency?


If the civic right-wing populists recognised the writings on the wall, they would call upon the European peoples to take a united stance against the Brussels bogus support instead of polarising between countries.

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