„Scotland Faces the Most Extreme Cultural Marxist Policies“: An Interview with David Clews

Europa Terra Nostra Vice-Chairman Sascha Rossmüller sat down for an interview with David Clews, a family man and senior correspondent for Unity Network News (UNN). With over 15 years of political experience and a wealth of social media and communications knowledge, David Clews aims to get to the heart of what really matters to the people of Britain. David Clews has been an active political campaigner since 2005 and was elected as a Conservative local councillor in 2007 at the age of only 24. He then left the Conservative Party and later joined the Labour Party. He has been politically inactive since 2012 aside from campaigning against Scottish independence from the United Kingdom. Clews then joined the campaign group Scotland in Union. In 2017, he saw the need for a new type of media organisation and helped to found UNN, which has since grown into one of the UK’s top new media websites. Via UNN, David Clews delivers frequent interesting insights into the social and political environments of Scotland.

ETN: Unity News Network has been labelled as part of a „new generation of media“. What is it about UNN that is specifically new, and why and how did the project start?

David Clews: I voted to leave the European Union in 2016 because it had morphed into an unaccountable, Stalinist, bureaucratic nightmare. Thankfully, so did the majority of people in this country, but what then ensued really shocked me to the core in that the British establishment tried to overturn a democratic vote by using the full power of the mainstream media with lies, coercion and all sorts of other nefarious tactics. So, this was around the beginning of 2017 that I really started to see a massive shift in the way in which the mainstream media operated. Of course, there was always a liberal/left wing bias, but now I saw it at a completely different level. It was then that I felt a new approach was needed with a media that took the opposite stance of this agenda, and UNN was born originally as a website with news articles which has now developed to where we are now, with live shows throughout the week and a variety of guests and contributors. I must also mention that when we first formed, it was exactly when Tommy Robinson was arrested for reporting outside a Pakistani rape gang trial. Now, I understand Tommy is not to everyone’s taste, but I witnessed first hand the way he was smeared and lied about by the mainstream media. It also gave us a real boost as we were one of the very few to cover it at the time, as this was just when livestreaming started to become big and was in the glorious days [of] pre-censorship, which I will talk about later on. Looking back on it all, there was almost an innocence and hope around. Trump had just won in the USA and the people voted for Brexit. Of course, both turned out to be a massive disappointment, and in the last five years, things have gotten far worse than I though they ever would.

ETN: Perhaps at first I should have started with my second question – what is your professional background and political biography?

David Clews: So, I have had a very varied life and career. My first job was at 18, working as a phlebotomist in the NHS. This involved taking people’s blood samples and was a very interesting experience, to say the least. I have also done call centre work, as well as sales jobs, as well as a variety of businesses that were in fact massive failures, but it was because they were not something I actually cared about. Having been an elected councillor [for] 15 years, I saw that the system was bad then, and that good people were not going into politics, but, of course, it is way worse now. As I am 40 and now a father, I think my politics are now pretty settled and we are engaged in a massive struggle between good and evil. I was recently over in Berlin and noticed that statues to Marx and Engels remain, as well as streets named after revolutionaries such as Rosa Luxembourg. Why is it that Communism, an ideology responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions, is openly fawned over and looked upon with rose-tinted glasses? Of course, it is because we are now in a global Cultural Marxist revolution, and for me, this has to be stopped, for the future of humanity. In terms of political ideology, I think too much emphasis is placed on pigeon-holing people into a specific grouping. I am a Christian who believes in the family unit, family values and also the unique role [that] European Civilisation has played in shaping the modern world. I think we have to try and work as closely as possible with people who share the same broad aims, as we really cannot afford to allow our enemies to win.

ETN: What are your experiences with the increasing repression of free speech and cancel culture? What possibilities are available? What is your advice to encounter it all?

David Clews: This is a very interesting point, and one which I have seen play out before my eyes over the last five years. Interestingly, one of the first deplatformings to take place was that of Andrew Anglin, who is the publisher of The Daily Stormer, and he is actually now back on Twitter, after Elon Musk’s recent takeover. The social media giants said it would only be the „real racists“ kicked off, and the really bad players and, sadly, many even on the right went along with it to start. It has then been a steady creep, and then, especially during the „Covid pandemic“, it really went into overdrive. At UNN, we had a very successful YouTube channel, with over 50,000 subscribers, which we had removed due to „medical misinformation“. For me, the two pivotal moments leading to the current state of affairs was the election of Donald Trump and Brexit, which were shocks to the political core and globalist plans. There is the famous video of Google employees talking about Trump being elected and them saying that it cannot be allowed to happen again with Sergey Brin, the then-CEO, nodding along. Likewise, one of the major issues was that the vast majority of social media companies were centred in San Francisco. Now, San Francisco is not just a liberal or leftist state, but I think [it is] safe to say one of the most extreme and toxic communist communities on the planet. So, it is safe to say that even mildly conservative ideology to these kinds of people is anathema, and we have seen that play out. I don’t think the censorship is just as bad now, as there has started to be a big pushback, and we remain on Twitter and Facebook, but hardly use that. With Elon Musk’s take over of Twitter, it cannot be denied there have been some excellent steps in the right direction, but I do not feel that Musk is a man we should put too much trust in. His business is built on the belief of man-made climate change, as well as having pocketed millions in government subsidies. That being said, he had a son who „transitioned“ to become a „girl“, and I think this has woken him up to the evils of Cultural Marxism, that he calls woke. Of course I believe in free speech for all, but I also believe that we have to stay on these main platforms, and if that means moderating what we say on certain sites, then so be it. Any revolutionary movement from the past had to find innovative ways of overcoming bans, and today is no different. However, you can look at people like Alex Jones, who is off every major platform, but has now built his own entire network off-grid, so having it happen to you does mean you have to be innovative. This is a hard balance, of course, and that is where sites like Gab and Telegram are better to use, where you can reach a wider audience. Regimes who censor popular opinions always fall in the end, and this is why we have to remain patient.

ETN: All over Europe, we currently face a multifacetted crisis, respectively, a culmination of several crises – energy, inflation, migration, debt, etc. – based on former crises. What is your perspective on this? How do you analyse the situation? How does one best explain these scenarios to the people?

David Clews: Wow. Where do you even start on this? I think it probably best to take them all on an individual basis, and, at the end, tie them all together, as they are all intrinsically linked.

Energy: I say with full confidence that the „science“ behind the notion of man-made „climate change“ is based on complete lies. Does the climate change naturall? Yes, of course it does, and has been doing so since the dawn of time. The climate change hoax is all about global communism and the shakedown of the Western World in order to enrich poorer countries in Africa and Asia. As I said earlier on, we are fighting against global communism, and these people truly hate the West and everything it stands for. This then is the guiding principle for all of our supposed energy policies. I do think it is important to look after our planet and care for the environment, but this is very different from what these globalists are proposing. In terms of current energy policy, Europe is committing suicide over its ludicrous policy/stance on Russia. Russia has an incredible amount of natural resources, such as oil and gas, and for the last few years, Europe was plotting a different course, and this was no more obvious than with the Nordstream pipeline that would bring cheap gas to Germany. During this time, Germany and the advanced nations of Europe also went down the insane road of shuttering nuclear power plants which still remain the cleanest and most efficient forms of energy. Then, of course, the Ukraine War started and the USA saw this as the opportunity to bring Germany and Europe to heel once again. Be in no doubt that the destruction of the Nordstream pipeline was a direct terrorist attack by the USA – most likely through British proxies – on strategic German interests. The fact that no German politician has anything to say about this is absolutely shameful. My solution to the energy crisis is, of course, to end the war in Ukraine, as well as all sanctions on Russia and turn the taps back on, and then to reopen the nuclear power plants, as well as building more. We should end ALL subsidies towards pointless green energy schemes that achieve nothing.

Inflation: Put simply, inflation is and always will be due to the expansion of the money supply by the state. Now again, the regime has incredible ways of blindsiding the population, but this really is simple economics. If you create more currency out of thin air, chasing the same or less goods and services, then prices will go up, and this is what we are now experiencing. Much of the inflation has been in the works since 2008 and it is important to go back there to see exactly what happened. In 2008, the financial system as we knew it completely collapsed. The housing and banking markets were completely broken and a significant amount of money was set to be lost. However, the governments at the time sensed an opportunity to increase their power, and at the same time keep all their vested interests in play. The ECB, Bank of England, US Federal Reserve, etc. all then embarked on a programme of „quantitative easing“, which really is just a fancy term for money printing. Central banking is an issue I could spend a great deal more time on, but be in no doubt they are the ones who hold all the power. Now, once you go on a debt-based route of propping up your economy, there is simply no going back, and then, all of a sudden, the „pandemic“ came along in March 2020 and the printing presses went into overdrive. All of the major central banks started printing incredible amounts of currency to fund policies such as furlough, as well as many of the corrupt loan schemes as well. In 2020 alone, the US Federal Reserve printed $3.3 TRILLION Dollars, which accounts for 20% of all Dollars ever created in order to send out stimulus checks and more. The irony is that the vast majority of this never actually went directly to the people, but instead went into a whole host of assets, such as crypto, the housing and stock markets, NFTs, etc. It cannot be denied that as a result of the Ukraine situation and the policies of the Western governments that prices of natural gas and petroleum have increased, as well as issues with supply chains, but the reality is that inflation is 100% the result of government policies and government overspending. People will soon learn about this the hard way. I see us going into an inflationary death spiral over the next few years, and whilst it is still unthinkable, there is no reason why Europe couldn’t end up like Venezuela or Zimbabwe, where the currencies are completely worthless.

Migration: Over the last 40 years, European nations have changed beyond our recognition. Poll after poll has shown that people want neither mass migration and certainly not illegal migration, yet the political classes went ahead with it anyway. Once proud cities such as Paris, London, Berlin and especially the Scandinavian capitals are completely unrecognisable due to mass migration. Now we are constantly told that we need more migrants to do the jobs Westerners are not prepared to do, yet 65% of the migrants that Merkel invited into Germany are unemployed and on state benefits. Likewise, in the UK, the vast majority of those on benefits and also receiving government benefits are also from immigrant backgrounds. What is their response to this? Well, of course, it is because of „structural racism“, which, again, is Marxist nonsense. Here in the UK, we have the daily humiliation of small boats crossing the English Channel, with these individuals then being put up in hotels, whilst many indigenous Britons are unable to heat their own homes and many are on the streets. As I spoke about slightly earlier on, sadly, I am not able to say exactly what I fully think here, but again, it is how we use this to reach the masses of people out there who want an end to this. Mass immigration is destroying the Western World and if you dare to talk about it, you are shut down/censored, and in some cases, imprisoned. However, one aspect of the globalist plan, which I think has failed, is the regional conflicts that exist within many of these ethnic groups. Recently in Leicester, there was massive rioting between Hindus and Muslims, and likewise in London between pro and anti-Iranian regime demonstrators. What I foresee happening is Europe heading to a Lebanon-style situation of internal ethnic conflicts, but whilst Europeans still make up the biggest group, that then gives us a chance to collectivise.

Debt: Debt is very much part of the sick system we now have. When once-responsible governments would balance budgets, we now have Western governments with huge budget deficits each year that are paid for through money-printing and borrowings from international debt markets. There is the saying that you can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of reality, and I do believe that the days of Western governments running these budget deficits will come to an end. Our aging populations, as well as demographics, mean that more and more people not only want, but need some form of welfare, just to survive. In some ways, the money printing/inflation is actually helping governments pay down their debts, but this will be unsustainable in the long term. So, all in all the four topics discussed above are all symptoms of the same disease which is Cultural Marxism and its destabilising influence on our Western societies. Unless we are able to fully purge this degenerate ideology from all walks of life, then we are doomed to collapse. Sadly, I think that we will collapse under the weight of all of the above, and this will then be the time that the Ubermensch will have to rise up and rebuild. This entire system has to be eliminated [and] we have to see it as one regime. The mistake too many people fall into is that they think certain parts are okay and it can be fixed. As Martin Luther famously said, “Here I stand, for I can do no other”. He is one of history’s true revolutionaries, as he felt that reformation within the existing church was impossible, and that he had to do something completely different. This is what we all must do.

ETN: As you are Scottish, what is your opinion regarding Nicola Sturgeon‘s demands for Scottish independence in general, especially in connection to a potential rejoining with the EU?

David Clews: I am from the West of Scotland and, interestingly enough, there are many small divides that exist within Scotland. The West is very different from the East, while the Highlands are different from the Lowlands. I was brought up in what would be considered a strong Protestant/Unionist household, so have always been diametrically opposed to the idea of Scottish separatism. Sadly, in my lifetime I have seen the once-united Kingdom come very much apart, which is significantly due to the Tony Blair Government and the introduction of regional parliaments in Wales, Northern Ireland [and] in Scotland. What is very interesting about Scottish separatism (independence is too noble a word for it) is that pre-1707 Scotland was a feudal society built on clans and fiefdoms. It certainly was not some kind of progressive hub that it is now. Scottish separatism is an extreme left-wing ideology, and if you look at the policies of the Scottish National Party, they are totally rooted in that of Cultural Marxism. Their idea of a separate Scotland would be one of complete open borders and the most liberal of laws, and this can be seen recently, where the SNP an Greens forced through a law that allows 16-year-olds to legally „change their gender“. Now, it is a biological impossibility to change gender, but not according to the SNP. Nicola Sturgeon truly is a vile individual. She embodies everything that is wrong with modern Scotland – bitter, angry and very ugly. Scotland produced the inventors of the television, the telephone, penicillin, steam engines and so much more. Glasgow was famously the second city of the British Empire. Now, it is a very pale shadow of ist former self. Scotland has a massive public sector – and especially a middle class public sector – and many of these individuals keep the SNP in power to keep them in the lifestyle they are accustomed to. In 2014, there was a referendum on Scottish separatism and 55% of people voted No. In 2016, a majority of people across the UK voted to leave the EU, but in Scotland, most people voted to stay in the EU. Sturgeon has since said that this is grounds for a second referendum, with the explicit aim of leaving the UK in order to rejoin the EU. Now, I am certainly not a supporter of the UK in its current form or the British establishment, but the fact is Scotland is already a basket case, both socially and economically, and under a separate regime, it would be a million times worse. Scotland’s largest trading partner is the rest of the UK. Joining the EU would mean a land border with a non-EU country and a massive disruption to trade and industry. The SNP Government in Scotland has been trying to hold another referendum, but this has been an issue of legal contention. The UK Supreme Court has ruled that only the Westminster/London Parliament has the authority to hold such a referendum, and they have said an emphatic no to holding one. In Scotland, we now find ourselves in a position of constitutional limbo, in that a diehard core of Scottish Nationalists – say 30% – want out of the UK no matter what, with around 15% to 20% sympathetic, but not overly fussed. The same numbers exist on the other side and a stalemate continues. One of the issues facing this constitutional debate is that the no one makes a coherent case for the benefits in leaving the EU, and being such a small country, the SNP has near total control over the press and the narrative, and I will now talk about this in more detail.

ETN: What do you principally think about the governing SNP as a political party? How much is it part of the globalist agenda?

David Clews: As a political party, the SNP have been an absolute disaster for many people in Scotland. However, for others, they have been a source of significant income to them, so they will not bite off the hand that feeds them. Interestingly, when Scottish nationalism first appeared in the 30s, 40s and 50s, it was predominantly a rural/Highland party that took votes from socially conservative voters. However, as time has gone on, they have adopted a far more socialist strategy to win votes in cities. However, they compromise a strange alliance of people on the left and on the right with one shared aim of Scottish separatism. Nicola Sturgeon is far to the left on her party, and this now sees Scotland having the highest levels of taxation in the UK and some of the most extreme Cultural Marxist policies, such as the Gender Recognition Bill I mentioned earlier. The SNP fails to deliver on so many policies and things – the NHS is in crisis and the public transport system is woeful. Yet they still maintain around 40% of the electorate and win elections easily. In some ways, this is due to the woeful state of the opposition parties, like Labour and the Conservatives. Not only do they have no policies, but their leaders have no charisma or ability whatsoever. They truly embody the managerial class of politician that befalls most of the Western World. The SNP also do well because the media in Scotland is equally inept and bought off. The vast majority of advertising revenue from media companies comes from the SNP Government, so they will not bite off the hand that feeds them. Likewise, so many of their voters work for the public sector, and they will continue to keep voting for the SNP as it keeps them in unproductive but well-paid jobs. The SNP’s agenda is 100% globalist and 0% nationalist. They believe in open borders and are fully signed up to the climate change scam and wealth redistribution. They run the Scottish Government in coalition with the Green Party, who are equally as extreme. Sometimes part of me does think „to Hell with it all“. Let them have their „independence“, and overnight, what is left of the economy in Scotland would collapse and the small group of intelligent people remaining, as well as most of the successful companies, would leave. Perhaps that is the only way that people would finally see through the SNP and their lies, but it would be a very painful process.

ETN: Last, but not least, what is your perspective on the future, and how is that co-ordinated with UNN strategic plannings?

David Clews: My perspective for the future is pretty downbeat, sadly, in that the Western World, as things currently stand, is totally conquered and riddled with this Bolshevik/Cultural Marxist cancer. What really frustrates me the most is that so many people just carry on as if nothing is happening and they remain in their state of sheep-like apathy. This is why I do think things have to get much worse before they can get any better. Unless we suffer some sort of cataclysmic change like the Great Depression, I do not think we will be able to get to where we need to be. However, as I talked about, something has to give financially, so that is why I think that preparation is now key. We must keep preparing and getting ready for any eventuality and building relationships that will allow us to strike when the right time comes. With UNN, we have massive expansion plans to allow us to be live at lunchtime and in the evening seven days a week. I want UNN to be a forum for the truth and for as many radical and alternative voices as possible. Yes, it is very hard and frustrating, but doing nothing is not an option.

ETN: David, many thanks for this interesting conversation!


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