Significant changes for Europa Terra Nostra to face the current situation

At the general meeting, held digitally on the 30th of December 2021, the members of Europa Terra Nostra decided on taking the organization in a new direction to adapt to the current circumstances. This involves, among other things, making the membership free of charge.

Visitors to the last 24 hours has probably noticed that the homepage has changed. While still in development, this is crucial to realize what the members decided on at the last general meeting.

Europa Terra Nostra is dedicated to bringing nationalists of European descent together and building bridges to prevent future brother wars. Since ETN was founded as a think-tank in 2015, this has been done with extensive travelling and organizing events. But because of the restrictions imposed on us by politicians during the corona pandemic, this has been close to impossible the last two years.

Personally, it has been frustrating waiting to be able to work in the ways we’ve intended to, and during these two years, a feeling has grown within me and many members that we need to change the approach to what we’re doing for the moment. Instead of waiting and waiting for when things will change, we’ll restructure the organization to fit our current needs to work effectively through these challenging times.

Membership is now free of charge

One way the general meeting decided to tackle this was to take away the membership fee and cut all unnecessary costs. In the long run, we still want to arrange travels and events, but right now, we will focus on building the best network of European nationalists possible.

The homepage is still in development, and more stuff is added every day to reflect the current focus of the organization better.

To protect members data, everyone who was already a member has to sign up again, which takes a few minutes to complete. The next digital members-only meeting will be on January 27th, where we will discuss the year 2022 and what it will mean for nationalism in our respective countries.

New board elected

The general meeting also voted for a new board consisting of Dan Eriksson (Chairman, Sweden), Sascha Roßmüller (Vice Chairman, Germany) and Stefan Brakus (Serbia). More information about the board members will be published on the homepage soon.

We’re working hard behind the curtains to get the new homepage entirely up to speed, and we ask for your understanding that it’s a work in progress. If you encounter any bugs or just have anything else on your mind, don’t be afraid to contact us.

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