Support Europa Terra Nostra!


We are often asked how people can support the political work of Europa Terra Nostra. That is why we would like to present to you some possibilities to do so below.



Become an Activist in the Social Media!

With the creation of the internet, the methods of political debate have changed dramatically. False information perpetuates in the online world, obscuring people’s visions of the truth. In order to be able to counter-act the predominance of the mainstream media, we need not only clever words, but also clever activists, who can take our publications to the social networking world. Everybody is called upon to ensure the distribution of our publications on the most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, etc.


Distribute Our Advertising Material!

Our supporters are often also active in national political parties, associations or initiatives, or attend political events, concerts, etc. Do you support our work, and would you like to draw others' attention to Europa Terra Nostra by displaying information material, stickers, etc. during our next activities? No problem! We will gladly send them to you, for a small contribution towards expenses. Get in touch!


Become a Member!

Through your membership, you actively support the work of Europa Terra Nostra, and are part of a constantly growing community. As a member you, will have the opportunity to participate in congresses, excursions, training courses and other activities. ETN membership costs an annual fee of 50 Euros. Become a Member now!


Support Europa Terra Nostra Financially!

We want to reach as many people as possible with our political content, and therefore wish to continue to improve our work for a Europe of fatherlands. Organising events and producing information material costs money. With a monthly or one-off amount, you can help us to further strenghten our work. This is an ideal opportunity for those who are unable to provide direct active support. Donate now!



Contribute Your Skills & Knowledge!

Can you design graphics, record music, edit videos, write, correct or translate texts, co-ordinate events or provide premises for events? All of those skills and more are what Europa Terra Nostra looks for! Do not hesitate to offer your skills and talents to ETN. Get in touch with us!

Become a Europa Terra Nostra Reporter!

Are you good at writing, and would like to report on events and activities in your country? Would you like to simply write about topics related to the content of our political work towards a new Europe? Please do get in touch with us!


As you can see, there are many ways to support our network for all identitary nationalists of European descent! Join us!


Join us!


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