Swedish nationalists try to stop the building of a new mosque


In the Swedish city of Karlstad, the capital of Värmland County, Muslims have been trying to build a Mosque for a long time. After years of discussions and protests from local Swedes, the County parliament gave the Muslims a building permit on June 17th.



The Urban Planning Committee, which had the final word on the permit, noted that the Islamic association behind the mosque couldn't explain how they would finance the building and that there is a risk that Islamic dictatorial states will fund it. In the end, this didn't matter, and the Muslims were given a permit to build another giant Mosque on Swedish soil — this time right next to an old Christian graveyard. 


The nationalist association Det fria Sverige ("Free Sweden") quickly formed a group of lawyers to look through the building permit in detail and found that the permit was given even though that the planned building didn't meet all the standard requirements.


On July 15th, the association, together with a handful of local residents, filed a formal complaint to stop the building. The full complaint (in Swedish) can be found HERE.


The Urban Planning Committee now has to go through the complaint and make a new decision regarding the building permit, which at first will postpone the mosque and, in the end, might even stop it completely.



Time to become active – Join Europa Terra Nostra the beacon of European-nationalist cooperation!



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